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A turning for the better.

Hi people. It's been 2 weeks here.

Guess where I am now?
The very place I will never find myself ending up at...

The Brisbane (my campus) Study Centre. Hehe. Yeah, there's a Study Centre for distance students, and for on-campus students who want to use the university's facilities in the city.

It's been abt 2 weeks since I wrote. How's life?
Anyway, thanks to the people around me for praying for my aching's very very much better now. Not using any painkillers now.

Anyway, I have volunteered to drive the church van.

Eh? Nan des ka?

What abt that? As Jimmy's sharing inspired us all at I.F, I have decided to overcome my fear of the Australian streets and just take up the challenge of driving. I have no problems driving on malaysian streets, however, I have this fear of getting summons in Australia.... eh?
I didn't drive last year coz I lost my driving licence in the mail, but I really have no excuse for it this year. Hehe.

I managed to drag quite a number of mates to the meeting, and it was definitely an inspiring message for all of us. I could see that it inspired quite a number of the other mates who heard the message, Avadhut, Samantha, Steph, Jiaren, & Hanna too. It's overcoming the fear of facing our failures, and just plain that. Praise the Lord, for He is with us!

This week has definitely been a turning for the better, as I was feeling rather homesick last week...*haha*.

Anyway, my bro is arriving in Brisbane tomorrow...which is my main reason for coming down here. I'll prolly be having dim sum on Sunday near Sunnybanks with some Brissie mates. Ok, catch u guys later!

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