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Thank you for flying with MAS.

Hi people. I arrived in Brisbane safely yesterday. I was wondering how to get to Toowoomba, as I did not make any prior plans. I am blessed that the Airport Flyer guy (the company that has a coach transporting people from the airport straight to Toowoomba) still happened to be there. His bus was supposed to have taken off at 10:50 apparently. The ride costs about $58. (Student Price).

It was strange coming back to Toowoomba. Lugging so many boxes of stuff, I forgot that I even had those in the first place... Now I am wondering, should I have taken those clothes in my bag? *Lol* As I walked in from the landowner's office, the memories of the past year came to mind. But I had to keep walking on to m house.....coz frankly, I was tired.

I woke up at almost 11am this morning! Izam's connection isn't up yet, as he had to cancel Alan's connection. There was some problem with it apparently. So yeah, I am blogging from the university now.

How was my farewell?

Last Thursday, I went to meet Hussein at Midvalley. His friend dropped him off at Midvalley from Nilai. Since Grace was in town, she came over as well. We went to Mackers for lunch, and then watched ShowGirls. After which, they both went home by train.

Friday night, I went to Midvalley to watch Pursuit of Happyness. It was a very touching movie. Grace met me up at Midvalley (again!) and we went to Kim Gary for afternoon tea. (my lunch, actually!) We took the public bus back to my place despite the horrendous rain!! Later that night, we (meaning I) drove over to Pst.Stuart's house (without referring to the map!!..damn I am good!) for CNY Open House. We played Pictionary with Katherine, Anthony, Josiah, Brendan & some others.....(can't remember la!)

Saturday morning, I drove Grace to the train station. Then headed ovr to Puchong to have dim-sum with GrayFox. Bell came along later to join us at IOI Mall for some shopping.

On Sunday afternoon, I had lunch with Madeline & Bob. For dinner, I had a crab-bing session with Meng Meng, Bell, Aaron, Chloe, David Siew, & Jess. After which, GrayFox& I headed to Sunway to do more shopping. I had my evening round of A&W Rootbeer Float for the night!
Grayfox suggested I get some special toothpaste due to my special conditions....I hope it works...coz it's getting on my nerves!

On Monday afternoon, I had lunch with Zen at PJ State, then A&W rootbeer float after! Then at night, Grayfox came to pick me up to go the airport. You're a great sport, GrayFox!!

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