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3rd week of uni starts..

Another week has passed by in college. You know, I still have another week to pull out from practicals (if I still decide I don't want to do it, you know??).

*hmmm* you know what?
This morning, as I was walking to uni, I had this thought that I do feel blessed, and "appreciated" to have friends who really care for me.
Well, not all of them will do it, but some of them who really show their concern. It does feel blessed to have friends who will rally around to pray for one's well-being. Friends who feel the need to pray for me (even without being asked)...*lol*.

Thank you, GrayFox, for always treating me as the o-hime-sama that I am. I appreciate that. To the rest too, for believing that I am the hime-sama in God's eyes, and the jewel which should be protected and treasured, and bought at a price as well! Thank you for your daily prayers for me! :-)

In regard to Jimmy's sharing, some of the questions that those who had heard it asked me was, what is the point of some people who have listened to so many sermons, yet their lives do not show the change?

Yet, in summary, a conclusive reply to that is, it is important that as Christians, our lives must reflect the change, and show the light to others, especially to other non-believers who may live under the same roof. The non-believers will always look to us as the light,especially if we claim to have been Christians from a very young age. Yet, there will always the be the listeners, and never the doers.

Talk is cheap, but actions speak louder than words.

Mun's reply was, Jesus can only come into the doors of our heart which we open to him. To the doors which have remained close, he is unable to walk into the doors because it is our decision whether to let him in or not.

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