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Internet's back....woohoo!!

I just had internet connection back at my unit!! The feeling is delirious!!! To celebrate the occasion, here are (overdue) pictures for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy!

The CG group at Ps.Stuart's..

Grace& the group. (before she lost those glasses, like permanently!!)

Shhh!!....can't u see Meng-Meng is trying to draw??

My female trio giving me farewell support!!

Hammering for crabs on my last dinner with CG members...

The newly wed couple today, Jonathan & Chloe.

Pretty maids all in a row.

Pink and purple all over. how sweet!!
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Molar or Moolah?


Molar or Moolah?

Hahaha....if only my teeth could talk...*yeah right*.

I have never actually broached the subject of the 3rd molars, or wisdom teeth as they are more commonly known.

To date, I have already had 3 of my 3rd molars removed, except for one remaining on the right side of my jaw. Hmm...another 4 permanent ones removed for the orthodontic treatment...and the bloody one on Tuesday. In total, I have had 8 of my permanent teeth removed.

Lovely topic, I say.

Let's just say that in approaching this subject, I found out there are many of my mates who are due for their 3rd molar removal, and some I might say, suffering in pain, but refuse to do it, because the treatment costs just too much to be performed in Australia anyway.

I managed to have my molars removed for practically no charge as I had it done at a state hospital in KL....the dentist just shoo-ed me off after the surgery. It was almost 3 years ago, so I really could not remember much about it then. I know that I had the set of lower and upper 3rd molars removed on my left, with the lower one (causing most problem). But I could remember eating congee for days on end after that, unable to talk much in the preceding days.

Them 3rd molars are a cause of a huge headache to most adults, because for me, it cause the death of its neighbouring molar(which is the one i removed recently). Anyway, I have now one remaining asymptomatic 3rd molar, which according to current studies state may not be wise to remove, if it poses no problems. Well, we'll see about that.

I think I will just withdraw the upgrade of the Student Plus cover as I doubt I'd be utilizing it at any moment anyway...

Molar or no Molar, I need a bit more Moolah....
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The Dentist.


The Dentist.

I finally got the darn tooth removed.

If there is one thing I detest doing is going to the dentist. Having some stranger poking some instrument in the gap on your face is the last thing I want anyone doing to my face. But it's all done. Thank heavens that hell does not prevaileth long..!

3 shots of localised anaesthesia. 2 xrays of my tooth. The total cost burned my pocket and I think i won't be spending much in a while....

Thankfully, although I planned on taking the bus home, I was too groggy and dizzy to walk home. Fortunately I had someone from church pick me up to go home. Even if your jaw is bleeding, and u can't talk coz it's flooded with red swathed saliva, the SMS does all the talking for you...Yeeahhh!! My housemates could only wonder in amazement when I told them what happened. Haha.

Recently a new Student Plus Cover was introduced (on top of the normal compulsory student insurance). However, there is a waiting period of 2months before claims can be made. (personally, i feel that 2 months marginalises consumers with the wait period, say as compared to one month instead.) Although there is a 30-day cooling off period too.

If u guys are wondering why I haven't been blogging much, thats coz I have not been able to have internet access at home for the past one month. Its driving everyone nuts, so I have had to run off to Unit 88 for that very reason. Hehe. Although Jiaren thinks otherwise. Haha. ;-)

There will be a wedding held at church this Saturday. The girls cant wait, coz it's one of those times they get to dress up *prettily*. The guys will dress up too...*hehe*. I can just imagine my previous housemate, Anthony W. all dressed up in a smart collared shirt. Btw, he got water baptized on Sunday! Congratulations Anthony W. !! Of course, females being females, they are wondering if there are any hunky males attending the wedding this week. ;-) You know how females everywhere are like. They will do their nails, find the prettiest dress, do make-up. etc. etc. the week before going for a wedding dinner...Hehe.
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3rd week of uni starts..


3rd week of uni starts..

Another week has passed by in college. You know, I still have another week to pull out from practicals (if I still decide I don't want to do it, you know??).

*hmmm* you know what?
This morning, as I was walking to uni, I had this thought that I do feel blessed, and "appreciated" to have friends who really care for me.
Well, not all of them will do it, but some of them who really show their concern. It does feel blessed to have friends who will rally around to pray for one's well-being. Friends who feel the need to pray for me (even without being asked)...*lol*.

Thank you, GrayFox, for always treating me as the o-hime-sama that I am. I appreciate that. To the rest too, for believing that I am the hime-sama in God's eyes, and the jewel which should be protected and treasured, and bought at a price as well! Thank you for your daily prayers for me! :-)

In regard to Jimmy's sharing, some of the questions that those who had heard it asked me was, what is the point of some people who have listened to so many sermons, yet their lives do not show the change?

Yet, in summary, a conclusive reply to that is, it is important that as Christians, our lives must reflect the change, and show the light to others, especially to other non-believers who may live under the same roof. The non-believers will always look to us as the light,especially if we claim to have been Christians from a very young age. Yet, there will always the be the listeners, and never the doers.

Talk is cheap, but actions speak louder than words.

Mun's reply was, Jesus can only come into the doors of our heart which we open to him. To the doors which have remained close, he is unable to walk into the doors because it is our decision whether to let him in or not.
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A turning for the better.


A turning for the better.

Hi people. It's been 2 weeks here.

Guess where I am now?
The very place I will never find myself ending up at...

The Brisbane (my campus) Study Centre. Hehe. Yeah, there's a Study Centre for distance students, and for on-campus students who want to use the university's facilities in the city.

It's been abt 2 weeks since I wrote. How's life?
Anyway, thanks to the people around me for praying for my aching's very very much better now. Not using any painkillers now.

Anyway, I have volunteered to drive the church van.

Eh? Nan des ka?

What abt that? As Jimmy's sharing inspired us all at I.F, I have decided to overcome my fear of the Australian streets and just take up the challenge of driving. I have no problems driving on malaysian streets, however, I have this fear of getting summons in Australia.... eh?
I didn't drive last year coz I lost my driving licence in the mail, but I really have no excuse for it this year. Hehe.

I managed to drag quite a number of mates to the meeting, and it was definitely an inspiring message for all of us. I could see that it inspired quite a number of the other mates who heard the message, Avadhut, Samantha, Steph, Jiaren, & Hanna too. It's overcoming the fear of facing our failures, and just plain that. Praise the Lord, for He is with us!

This week has definitely been a turning for the better, as I was feeling rather homesick last week...*haha*.

Anyway, my bro is arriving in Brisbane tomorrow...which is my main reason for coming down here. I'll prolly be having dim sum on Sunday near Sunnybanks with some Brissie mates. Ok, catch u guys later!
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Thank you for flying with MAS.


Thank you for flying with MAS.

Hi people. I arrived in Brisbane safely yesterday. I was wondering how to get to Toowoomba, as I did not make any prior plans. I am blessed that the Airport Flyer guy (the company that has a coach transporting people from the airport straight to Toowoomba) still happened to be there. His bus was supposed to have taken off at 10:50 apparently. The ride costs about $58. (Student Price).

It was strange coming back to Toowoomba. Lugging so many boxes of stuff, I forgot that I even had those in the first place... Now I am wondering, should I have taken those clothes in my bag? *Lol* As I walked in from the landowner's office, the memories of the past year came to mind. But I had to keep walking on to m house.....coz frankly, I was tired.

I woke up at almost 11am this morning! Izam's connection isn't up yet, as he had to cancel Alan's connection. There was some problem with it apparently. So yeah, I am blogging from the university now.

How was my farewell?

Last Thursday, I went to meet Hussein at Midvalley. His friend dropped him off at Midvalley from Nilai. Since Grace was in town, she came over as well. We went to Mackers for lunch, and then watched ShowGirls. After which, they both went home by train.

Friday night, I went to Midvalley to watch Pursuit of Happyness. It was a very touching movie. Grace met me up at Midvalley (again!) and we went to Kim Gary for afternoon tea. (my lunch, actually!) We took the public bus back to my place despite the horrendous rain!! Later that night, we (meaning I) drove over to Pst.Stuart's house (without referring to the map!!..damn I am good!) for CNY Open House. We played Pictionary with Katherine, Anthony, Josiah, Brendan & some others.....(can't remember la!)

Saturday morning, I drove Grace to the train station. Then headed ovr to Puchong to have dim-sum with GrayFox. Bell came along later to join us at IOI Mall for some shopping.

On Sunday afternoon, I had lunch with Madeline & Bob. For dinner, I had a crab-bing session with Meng Meng, Bell, Aaron, Chloe, David Siew, & Jess. After which, GrayFox& I headed to Sunway to do more shopping. I had my evening round of A&W Rootbeer Float for the night!
Grayfox suggested I get some special toothpaste due to my special conditions....I hope it works...coz it's getting on my nerves!

On Monday afternoon, I had lunch with Zen at PJ State, then A&W rootbeer float after! Then at night, Grayfox came to pick me up to go the airport. You're a great sport, GrayFox!!
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This is your captain speaking.


This is your captain speaking.

This is my last entry in KL. As from 2 hours from now, my "driver", as I shall call him, shall
be picking me up from my home. My flight is at 11:30pm tonight. So my next entry will be written once I have set up everything in Toowoomba, and I have everything settled.

To you guys, it's been a great last week in KL.

Kudos to Hussein for coming down all the way from Nilai. At least you got to make another new friend. Grace, it's great that you get to meet the Connexions. They will be in touch.
To the rest of the Connexions, it's been great meeting Meng-Meng, Chloe, and Yuen Yee.
To Katherine, Gladys, all the best to your upcoming wedding preparations. Just get my angpow ready by the time I return!! *hehe*
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