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A man.

What is a Man?

He is no longer a boy. A full fledged grown adult he is.

A man protects the woman that he loves.
Socially. Emotionally. Physically. Intellectually.

A man is willing to make the contract. He is willing to sign it and make a "heart" downpayment.

He is willing to commit to the relationship before any other.
He does not waste the woman’s time by leading her on.

A man is willing to buy the cow for the milk. He is willing to feed the cow and keep the cow before touching it.

He leads.
He is decisive.
He is hardworking.

He is patient.
He is disciplined.
He has self-constraint.
He takes the initiative to declare his feelings.
He takes initiative to do the things being the man.
He takes responsibility for his own actions and does not hide behind excuses after excuses.

He does the right thing.

I need a man.
God, please send us one. We are seriously lacking in it.


Jun King said...

u nid a miracle.

cheayee said...


My MAN is just late. He will arrive in time.

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