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Introducing Dannie!

Introducing Dannie!

He's 34 years old, chinese and christian. He speaks English, Cantonese & Hokkien, and stays in Klang. Among his past time is cracking jokes, playing pool, eating, singing (in the shower and out of it!) and talking!!

A friend of mine that I met thru Zen, he has a gregarious nature and has lots to say. The first time I met him was at this karaoke centre all the way in Klang (which he paid for all of us! How generous!!) and we kept in touch by MSN thereafter.

He also reads this blog (and my xanga one as well too!!)

*WHAT a sweet & LOYAL FAN!!* Hehe.

To know more about him, read his blog here. He also contributes to the Good Samaritan Home blog too, and enjoys fundraising for SALAM.

So girls, what do u think? He's still single and un-attached. Drop by his blog and leave comments!! He will surely reply soon!

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