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The Art of Staying Together

In lieu of the upcoming Valentine's Day, the YAF decided to hold a combined forum entitled "The Art of Staying Together", where singles, couples who were courting/dating, and married couples could throw in questions that they wanted discussed.

The members of the set-up team from YA (Young Adults) started setting up the place since Wednesday. They had to play with some ideas, before finding a theme to decorate the place. I can understand how set-ting up and tearing down decorations can take up much of the time now!


huge turnout

A huge crowd turned out for the forum, where questions posed online and even those from the crowd were asked. A lot of the issues raised was mostly about physical intimacy, unyoked relationships, co-habitation and birth control. Some of the speakers even threw in some tips for intimacy to married couples, which everyone laughed to!

The most important thing that the speaker said in the final word was that, it was not important whether it was the term "dating" or "courting" used, but whether as a couple, and as individuals, whether they wanted to serve God, or serve themselves, is a decision that they had to make for themselves.

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