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Adam Khoo.

I checked out Adam Khoo's blog after reading an article on him that was featured in Personal Money's Dec 2006 edition.

Even though he is not a Christian, his take on the 5 talents is noteworthy. In fact, he is living exactly as the parable states. Kudos for one who is not a follower of Christ, but yet still willing to follow his teachings!

As a Christian, I believe in a God that is in charge of our destiny. But I believe too that if we let the excuse of "God" to not plan for the future, or what we want in our lives, and live out our passions and dreams, that is exactly wasting the God-given talents which has been bestowed upon us.

The only difference is that as a Christian, we believe that as we plan our lives around his teachings and statutes, He will show his "signs" and "confirmations" to us as to guide us along the path; as well as I believe that those who put their trust in Him shall have victory as we go out to battle!

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