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Countdown: 1 wk back to Toowoomba.


Countdown: 1 wk back to Toowoomba.

Hi people....
just feeling a bit sad here. With my return to Toowoomba, that'll mean leaving my friends back here in KL.

Apart from the fact that many of my friends from Toowoomba have already left...
MT, Alan, YK, JoJo, Elizabeth, Valerie...Just that the people I have met won't be there anymore.

It can drive a sane person mad, and sad.

I am already missing my friends in KL now...though I haven't left yet.

*sob. sob. sob*

Mick, thanks for the offer...but I dunno if staying over at Brisbane for a week would help in any way though.
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The battle is not ours to fight.


The battle is not ours to fight.

No matter how many bible verses we read, or scripture songs we sing would be of no consequence if in the end we do not become active partners with our Lord God. That was the theme of the sermon today.

Isaiah 55: 1-2
1 "Come, all you who are thirsty,
come to the waters;
and you who have no money,
come, buy and eat!
Come, buy wine and milk
without money and without cost.

2 Why spend money on what is not bread,
and your labor on what does not satisfy?
Listen, listen to me, and eat what is good,
and your soul will delight in the richest of fare.

Isn't it amazing of what we can do if only we believe that this is true? The preacher told his testimony back in 1992, he was finishing up his dissertation to complete his studies in America. He wanted to continue to study, but due to lack of finance, he decided he may not be able to. Yet, his wife, encouraged him to continue, as he was already almost reaching the end.

So he committed it to prayer, and then God told him that He would provide for all his needs. With this in mind, the preacher set about to doing his work without telling anyone of his own needs. He did not even have enough money to pay for his flight tickets.

Yet one day, after being invited to preach at a friend's church, the leader there decided to ask people to contribute for a love offering for this preacher. He had enough money to pay for his flight tickets without having to beg, borrow, or steal!!

To cut the story short, when the preacher reached America, somehow, all the churches started sending him invitations to preach at their churches. By the end of his studies, and on his return flight to Malaysia, the preacher calculated the amount he had received, and he realised that he had enough money to finance the entire trip to America including the food, accomodations and the cost of the entire course!

One day, when he was having a meal with a very rich friend of his, he told the friend what happened. The rich friend immediately proclaimed that the preacher should have asked him for help.

But then the preacher gave a reply saying 'if I asked you for help, I would not have been able to experience the Lord blessing my life". :-)

Recently, I had a discussion with some sisters after reading up some sociology books on personality temperaments. Of course, written from a shrink's point of view, many use the excuse of the nature vs nurture theory, or both to sum up that because a child is brought up in their environments, it is totally impossible to change what they are capable of.

Yet, these sisters reminded me that with our God, all things are possible!

A very good example to illustrate this point, is one of the 12 disciples of Christ. One who had a timid personality is Simon Peter. Simon Peter, the man who had denied Jesus three times before His death and run away because he was afraid that he would be mocked,or stoned, became a totally transformed person altogether. He became became known for his courageous preaching after he received the Spirit.

, another person who was fearful, that he asked his wife to pretend to be his sister, and the Lord touched him so that he become known as Abraham, and had such faith that he was even willing to sacrifice his son Isaac, when tested.

All these people had a difficult time choosing to do what was right in God's eyes. Yet when they chose have faith and trust in God, He slowly changed them to be a different person altogether.

Who said it was easy? How many times I know that I have I struggled to obey+trust God when I knew that what I did was an action out of fear, of not trusting that God would provide.

1 John 4:18. There is no fear in love. But perfect love drives out fear, because fear has to do with punishment. The one who fears is not made perfect in love.

I believe that the Lord is giving, and has been giving me encouragement these past few weeks. But yet, it is with our experience, no matter what background we come from, the Lord is still able to use us for His Kingdom and become strong men + women in His Kingdom.

I believe that the fight that I have now, is not mine to fight, but is His, for He is asking me to cast my problem into Him, and my heart to Him, because I believe that He will fight for me. Because I trust He will not let any harm upon me having chosen to trust him.

Indeed, He who dwells in us, is greater than that which is found in the world. Perfect love drives out all fear. For God is love, and fear is not of God. Yes, I can believe that!!
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Adam Khoo.


Adam Khoo.

I checked out Adam Khoo's blog after reading an article on him that was featured in Personal Money's Dec 2006 edition.

Even though he is not a Christian, his take on the 5 talents is noteworthy. In fact, he is living exactly as the parable states. Kudos for one who is not a follower of Christ, but yet still willing to follow his teachings!

As a Christian, I believe in a God that is in charge of our destiny. But I believe too that if we let the excuse of "God" to not plan for the future, or what we want in our lives, and live out our passions and dreams, that is exactly wasting the God-given talents which has been bestowed upon us.

The only difference is that as a Christian, we believe that as we plan our lives around his teachings and statutes, He will show his "signs" and "confirmations" to us as to guide us along the path; as well as I believe that those who put their trust in Him shall have victory as we go out to battle!
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Photoblog: A wet morning market

One of the wet morning markets near Kuchai Lama. I realised I have not actually been to one in a while, so I decided to check one today. Of course, I brought along my trusty Canon camera along too.

The traders were surprised that there will be someone snapping along the market. *Lol*. Of course, last but not least, a lot of them asked if I had just returned from overseas, or if I was Hongkie! *lol*

The indian man posing shyly. He asked if I could take his picture.

One of my fav. chee cheong fun stalls.

Butchery. Where I bought some pork from.

Among the main thoroughfares.

Barang sembahyang. Things that the Buddhists use to pray with.

Anchovies. Kong Yue Chee.

Peanuts. Mushrooms. and no idea what.
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More than conquerors.


More than conquerors.

Deviating from the main topic....

*Protest!* *Protest!* *Protest!*

Dear Father, forgive me for doubting You.

Anyway, just had some problems with the results for my final course. I almost HAD a SHOCK earlier when I went to check the results for my course. I had been e-mailing my lecturer who was marking my course for the results, but to no avail as she did not even open, nor check the countless e-mails I have sent since Dec 06.

So I started my mates on a praying rally. Week after week, I asked them to pray for the same thing over and over again. I can't believe the computer had the nerve to give me an F for my course, when I knew that I had put in the effort for it.

Initially, the whole "Fail" thing was looming over my head, when I then noticed that the computer had some errors in terms of calculating the results. If that should be the case, I am predicting that all the students undertaking the same course will be writing in to the Assessment Department to complain about the issue.

Fortunately, I knew another lecturer who re-directed me to the Assessment Dept, and asked me to follow up with the officer in charge. He also managed to find out that my lecturer has since *resigned*!

What utter bad luck.

I know I passed. I am just going to stand my ground on this with the utter silly university computer network typo error!!!

*Smack* *Smack* *Smack* *Smack*

Ok, returning to the main topic...

Returning to my home country seems to have brought me back to base with the self impressions, as well as the widening of understanding of the social circle which I have been accustomed to.

Many of the people I know in YA have either left for HomeFellowship, or for another church. There are also quite a number of new members, which I have been quite delighted to meet. Close ones like Katherine are getting married. Some of the old "alliances" have since disintegrated, and yet new ones have since been formed.

I think too, as I have said to a mate, that I think I find myself being able to find an "affinity" with some of the ones I formerly didn't actually seem to. Perhaps my stint overseas has developed an even "drier" sense of humour that I am only just developing. *lol* ;-)

Somehow, my return here has created a new zest and strenghtened the will in me. On my return to Toowoomba, there are few things I have in mind to do. In particular, aspects of my daily life that I have in mind to change. Ones which I know I am capable of, and would like to.

My short stint at the advertising company has developed, & created in me a sense of confidence, in particular to some of the tasks I had undertaken, and on its completion, these few verses came to mind.

The LORD will make you the head and not the tail, and you only will be above, and you will not be underneath, if you listen to the commandments of the LORD your God, which I charge you today, to observe them carefully. Deuteronomy 28:13.

One particular day in Feb 07, I was waiting to go into the house, as my maid was trying to handle the household pet, my white dog which has a particular habit of trying to manipulate every member of the household. I was just merely daydreaming, and this verse just came to mind, like an awakening slap on the face! I was made to understand that the dog is just merely A DOG.

John 8: 30-36 Know the truth, and the truth will set you free.....Jesus replied, " I tell you the truth, everyone who sins is a slave to sin. Now a slave has no permanent place in the family, but a son belongs to it forever. So if The Son sets you free, you WILL be free indeed.

As I kept meditating on these few verses, I realise that in that momentary flash, I was made to understand the meaning of it. Ones which I had read so much yet not fully understood. Ones which I have been taking for granted all this while.

(If u were wondering......the point is NOT about the bl**dy s*****d dog, but many times we let things like the dog frighten us, that the dog is the one bullying the human, and not the human taking control of the dog)

Which now, I believe should & will have an effect on the way I look at things in my life. Yet my stint at the advertising company has "sparked" a desire in me to learn even more about work organisations and businesses. And yes, my pending career. One, which I shall share in time.

Just the other day, I was listening to this discussion about investment plans during one of my nightly outings. I was surprised I was actually able to survive through the entire discussion (without falling asleep). For most, this is a rather abstract and dry subject, as you'd really have to stop & focus intently to extract the key words and elements from the discussion.

Yet, this came hand-in-hand with what I have learnt of the investment companies that I have to come to know of along my way in the past few weeks (during the expo), as well as my understanding of investment terms like mutual funds, rate of returns, risks, which ordinarily would have automatically made me tune out in the past!

Somehow yet, I sense a new sense of direction and change with all this that has come to past.
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Random shots.

A mate said these pix looked...ummm *sweet*?
He tot it was a new girl at YA. *haha*. :-P

I prefer this one though:

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Fantabulous weekend!

It really was a great time with my pals! It's been great coming back to KL. Many have left the YA group, but other new people have joined in too.

Stayed home to do work in the morning.
Evening, had dinner with my mates from the YAF. Again! Hehe.

The honourable guests..

The guys...

Most of the girls having a lively discussion....

Nerve-wrecking game of Stacko!

Bevy of beauties in a line!

On Sunday, I decided to join Bell & Paul for a spontaneous outing to Cineleisure for a movie, Stranger Than Fiction. Aaron decided to join us halfway...after which, we checked out the flea market and the pretty pre-CNY decorations..






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The Art of Staying Together

In lieu of the upcoming Valentine's Day, the YAF decided to hold a combined forum entitled "The Art of Staying Together", where singles, couples who were courting/dating, and married couples could throw in questions that they wanted discussed.

The members of the set-up team from YA (Young Adults) started setting up the place since Wednesday. They had to play with some ideas, before finding a theme to decorate the place. I can understand how set-ting up and tearing down decorations can take up much of the time now!


huge turnout

A huge crowd turned out for the forum, where questions posed online and even those from the crowd were asked. A lot of the issues raised was mostly about physical intimacy, unyoked relationships, co-habitation and birth control. Some of the speakers even threw in some tips for intimacy to married couples, which everyone laughed to!

The most important thing that the speaker said in the final word was that, it was not important whether it was the term "dating" or "courting" used, but whether as a couple, and as individuals, whether they wanted to serve God, or serve themselves, is a decision that they had to make for themselves.
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Photoblog: CNY 2007 Mid Valley Expedition

Midvalley Courtyard

CNY tea boxsets


Keeping his identity a secret.
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A man.


A man.

What is a Man?

He is no longer a boy. A full fledged grown adult he is.

A man protects the woman that he loves.
Socially. Emotionally. Physically. Intellectually.

A man is willing to make the contract. He is willing to sign it and make a "heart" downpayment.

He is willing to commit to the relationship before any other.
He does not waste the woman’s time by leading her on.

A man is willing to buy the cow for the milk. He is willing to feed the cow and keep the cow before touching it.

He leads.
He is decisive.
He is hardworking.

He is patient.
He is disciplined.
He has self-constraint.
He takes the initiative to declare his feelings.
He takes initiative to do the things being the man.
He takes responsibility for his own actions and does not hide behind excuses after excuses.

He does the right thing.

I need a man.
God, please send us one. We are seriously lacking in it.



Grace's Bday@Asia Cafe.

Taken at Asia Cafe in conjunction with Grace's b'day.
To view more pictures, click here.
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Introducing Dannie!

Introducing Dannie!

He's 34 years old, chinese and christian. He speaks English, Cantonese & Hokkien, and stays in Klang. Among his past time is cracking jokes, playing pool, eating, singing (in the shower and out of it!) and talking!!

A friend of mine that I met thru Zen, he has a gregarious nature and has lots to say. The first time I met him was at this karaoke centre all the way in Klang (which he paid for all of us! How generous!!) and we kept in touch by MSN thereafter.

He also reads this blog (and my xanga one as well too!!)

*WHAT a sweet & LOYAL FAN!!* Hehe.

To know more about him, read his blog here. He also contributes to the Good Samaritan Home blog too, and enjoys fundraising for SALAM.

So girls, what do u think? He's still single and un-attached. Drop by his blog and leave comments!! He will surely reply soon!
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Things I want to eat (barely found in Australia): Part 2


Things I want to eat (barely found in Australia): Part 2

Updated list:

1. Meat Crabs in smothering curry gravy.

2. Hot Plate Yee Mee.

3. Wat Tan Ho.

4. Teh Tarik.

5. Nasi Lemak.

6. Dim Sum.

7. Hong Kong Chee Cheong Fun.

8. Sushi King (GrayFox's treating me to it!! Woo hoo!!)

9. Finish up steaming the remaining of my bird's nest.

10. Roti Canai.

11. Hokkien Mee in black soya sauce!!

12. Butter Prawns!

13. Curry Prawns!!

14. Belacan Chilli Kang Kong (otherwise known as Water Convolvulus).

12. Mah Poh Tau Fu.

13. Stir Fried Beef with Ginger.

14. Bah Ku Teh ala authentic KL style.

15. Char Koay Teow ala KL Style

16. Curry Mee.

17. Chee Cheong Fun.

18. Prawn Wantans.

19. Stir Fried Curry Lala.

20. Ngar Poh Kai Fan (ClayPot Chicken Rice)

21. Chicken Rice.

22. Porridge Steam Boat @ Sri Petaling.

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