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Toowoomba, twas where my heart was..

I had originally wrote this as a part entry, but decided to make it a full entry by itself.

Today I spoke to Izam on the phone. Actually, I called his landline. FYI, it's much cheaper to call Australia through Maxis/Hotlink. about RM0.20 p/minute than to call another maxis/hotlink number. Hanna was not pleased coz she wanted me to call her too (whose room was just next door) !!! Haha....

To tell you the truth, I kind of miss them. Not that much, but I still miss their company.

I miss chatting with Avadhut. He has very insightful opinions. He is quite mature and is a very observant person.

I find Kevin to have another side to him. The funny side that I never knew because I didn't really chat with him before he moved in. It's a bit hard to describe it... kind of a funny streak which I think I can relate to. Hehe.

I also have a funny banter with Tony. I think that only Education students would understand this. LOL. We both enjoy watching Yes Minister, and Black Adder. He looks at the rather political side of education and I can relate to a lot of what he knows and says about the education industry.

I miss having Alan to chat nonsense with. Haha. He'll let out this shriek whenever something happens (like getting chicken blood all over his shirt!!), which is I find absolutely hilarious! I also enjoy watching Izam talking to Alan. They have this funny banter which is interesting to observe. Then when Kevin joins in, it becomes even funnier to watch. LOL!

The last time I saw Alan was in Brisbane. This was after I had returned from my tour to Hobart. He had taken the bus down to Brisbane with some other mates to extend his visa application. We spent the day wandering around town taking photos with our cameras. He was lugging his extended leggy tri-pod around town. He was, I would truly say, had been blessed to have a found a job to support his visa extension fees. At night, we met up with Sam and some of her friends to have dinner at this Korean restaurant. After which, we wandered around Queen St. at night looking at the lights and taking pictures of this christmas tree near the main casino.
It truly feels funny to be wandering around town at night with a mate that you think might be the last time you'd ever meet. A bit *sad*...

Before I had left for my Melbourne tour, they (the current residents of unit 135) told me that they'd miss hearing my infectious laughter, and the house would be so quiet without me....I does feel nice to be *appreciated*. Heh. Matt drove and sent me off to the bus-stand, and Ivan & Alan came along to send me off....Ivan came down to Brisbane with me on the bus, even buying an adult full fare ticket to accompany me. I felt kind of sad, but at the same time had this anticipating feeling as I would meet Jiaren and Steph in Melbourne the next day.

I also learnt more about photography from hanging out with Jiaren and Alan. More so from Jiaren because he dragged us around Melbourne looking for his polarizer filter, adaptor and lens. Anyway, FYI, I found out that the polarizer costs less in Melbourne than in KL. So there! Jiaren, I think you saved on buying your filter in Melbourne. The polarizers were selling for about RM200 in Midvalley.... Zzzzz.

Finally, I have to mention YK. It is a bit hard to describe the kind of interaction I have with this house mate, because when I first moved into unit 135, I could not get along with him. He could not stand me, and neither did I really talk much to him. It was more of a struggle & learning process for him, because I guess for him, he had not encountered a female of such like I was, and I can safely say that it was about the same but in a differing manner for me as well. We have lived under the same roof for almost 10months. And yet, within those 10 months, we have developed a funny kind of friendship.

We went to the Toowoomba library, went grocery shopping, had our outbursts where I ignored him for days on end and he totally hated it (hehe), and he arm-twisted me a lot!! Somehow, I think that the direction in which our friendship had developed must have been from a supernatural source. I am not a superstitious person by nature, but I guess that if it were of my own choice, and should I have lived in a different house altogether, I may not have bothered much with getting to know him. As Jess remarked from my description of this housemate, we both have very different personalities, but yet, I think that, if we both had strong personalities, we'd probably be at logger heads all the time! I could imagine so.

If you are wondering why is it all males whose names I state above, it is because my housemates were all males!! I think I get along better in a housefull of males....however, I still have my circle of female friends. I think I get along better living with males than females. Don't ask me why. I just do!!

Anyway, congratulations to Miaw Yng for getting her partial post-grad music scholarship from Tasmania Uni!! You go girl!!

Yesterday, I went for an annual eye-check-up at Optimax HUKM. It was due for a very long time!!! I actually have to do it on an annual basis post-LASIK surgery, but I pretty much neglected on that. The specialist doctor said that on a comparative basis, I had pretty much taken quite well care of my eyes as my vision was still quite clear in the past 6 years.

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