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Things to do

In the forthcoming month anyway, my plans are:
1. Get a 2 Gig SD card. (non-negotiable).This is a MUST for my digital camera. I HAVE to get it. It'll be easier on me when I take pictures anyway.

2. Get a 2 Gig (or more!) Thumb Drive. Why ah? Because I kiasu la. It beats having to bring a couple of 186 gig ThumbDrives around anyway.

3. An 8-Gig External HDD : After reflecting on it, as prior to Jiaren's experience with it, I think I'll forgo on a HDD. As much as I'd like to watch movies, however our Movie King Downloader is no longer NVM lor. Furthermore there is no guarantee that whatever I have saved in it will not get erased! It's just a vanity thing.

4. Look for the plastic pack sealer contraption. Dunno what it is called. I know I have one of those at home, but dunno where it is now, so have to go rummaging for it.
Why ah? I'll be bringing some packed dry food back, so I need to make sure it is "vacuumed sealed" before bringing it on the plane mah....I am still valid for extra 10kgs, so I am going to maximise full use of it.

5. Driving Stick: Hehehe....It seems that my dad is thinking of getting a new car....So I get to drive his. Although it's stick, it's alright by me. Beats driving my mom's auto any time, as it has a better pick-up and much faster. It may seem a bit harder initially, but I've always liked his car. Have to practise driving it though. Oh...and its low on the fuel consumption any time as well! More incentive for me to pick up the stick....!

6. Go to Pasar Malam. What? We don't find flea markets in Toowoomba y'know?? Not when everyone packs their bags to go home at 6pm each day. *So sad*.

7. Read the bible and fast. It's time for me to get to know the Lord in a more intimate manner.

8. Jog in the evenings. Have no choice for this...Been having too many packs of Nasi Lemak morning, lunch and night since my return. LOL.

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