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He came, He saw, and he left !

Ok, you guys...

Alan came. He saw. He left.

It was great meeting up with Alan...I never thought I'd actually be able to see him after leaving Australia. Never in a million years did I actually think he'd step foot on the grounds of the Malaysian earth, and see him personally face to face on this land of mine that I am born and bred in. It was great meeting up with a uni mate all the way from Toowoomba!


Anyway, Alan arrived in KLIA about 8pm Malaysian time. Did some Tax-Free shopping which I had ordered him to. (LOL). Then instead of heading straight to his transit hotel, decided otherwise and headed off to look for transportation to come down to KL Sentral.

He had called me on my mobile, but it got cut half-way!!!! I was SO WORRIED!!! What with the language problems and all....I don't even know if he'd make it to the KL Sentral!!

YK had also come along to see him. I picked him up from Sentral, and waited for Alan's call that he had arrived....which he did!!! Thank goodness. Fortunately, he had managed to hail a cab ride down for RM20 (lucky him!!) which otherwise those sneaky cab fellas would have lightened his pockets by RM50 for the ride.

By the time he arrived, it was about 10.20pm. All my worrying paid off... (at least I didn't take it lightly!!)

I had taken my mother's car, and I drove all of us to Jln Alor, (a makan place near Sungai Wang). I actually had no intention of going there, but somewhere we ended up there! There Alan had his fill of Bah Kuh Teh and Oyster Omelette (which YK ordered).

Ba Ku Teh in Jln Alor costs RM20 for 3 persons. Additional rice costs RM1. I wonder how much it costs in other places? Maybe will check out the one in Klang, as well as in OUG next time..(although the dailies report that that might not be the next best thing to have for dinner these days, what with our local farmers here trying to be creative in their food provisions to those dear piggies.....Oh well..)

I then called up our old housemates at 135 to inform them that he had arrived safely (they were most concerned about his safety!), and the phone on the other side passed from Kevin to MT to Hanna and back to Izam (I think!) Lol!

Then I took us for a ride around KLCC (which the lights turned off incidentally at 12am!!) so there went those lights! *Sigh* So much for that...

After which, we went to this mamak near the place formerly known as Jaya Supermarket. We order Teh Tarik, Ice Milo, and Ice-Lime Tea, Roti Kertas and Roti Canai.

Alan had a nice time trying out the gravy (fish head curry and dhall, lol!), which he could not take to the spiciness of it!

After our fill of a delicious 2nd round of a mouthwatering supper, I sent YK home, and Alan bumped over at my place for the night. We left my house about 6.30am to send him to Sentral for him to catch the 7am bus ride back to KLIA. The ride from my house to KL Sentral during off peak hours as I remember correctly, took abt less than 12 minutes. Better early than late!

And hence, ends the adventure of Alan, the Hongkie, in the city of KL.
According to him, the staff at KLIA could at least try to speak more discernible sounding English....he had a hard time understanding their accent....*LOL*.

Happy Visit Malaysia Year 2007!

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