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God's blessing.

Hi. Here is another entry by Irene, a mate from my Connexions group. Just posting it up here for all to read.

Just sharing ....
Today, I went for 2nd service at church. We had Children's Ministry teacher's dedication today. After the worship, it was tithes and offering collection time. For today, there is a special collection for the Johor flood victims. When it's time for collection, I had a hesitation in my heart to give. As much as I want to give help, I felt that I myself needed the cash more. I was saving up to buy some new working clothes as the ones I am wearing are over 2 years. And Chinese New Year is coming so gotta save up to buy some clothes, right?
Furthremore, due to size issues ... the clothes that I can wear can only be found at expensvie boutiques such as Big Brown Bag and Dorothy Perkins where one blouse or shirt can cost RM80 - 120 each.

So I reasoned to myself "ahhh... God knows I need this money more ....... ummm ... right?"
The answer I got? "No ... those families need the stove, mattress and rice cooker more".
So I took out whatever cash I have in my wallet, left behind enough for lunch money till my next paycheque on Wed and put it the envelope and gave it to the flood victims.
Then I felt no more bothering conscience.
After service I went back home for lunch with my family. An hour later, my 2nd elder brother wants to go shopping. So he took me to Marks and Spencer. We went there because just like me, he is very big in size and his clothes can only be found at Marks and Spencer. I went there to check out what is the prices like .. the blouse and pants each cost around RM 89 or 99 or 199 or 299 for some. Then my brother said ... "Go and buy some clothes .. I will pay for you up to RM300". WIth Citibank bank card, you will get 15% discount. So I ended up buying a blouse, a shirt and a pants for RM250 ... wholly sponsored by my brother!
God had arranged new clothes for me!
I am not writing to boast about having a nice, good family members and showing-off . I am writing just to share with you the goodness of God for He is good!
Honour Him, walk in His ways, serve in His Kingdom and then sit back and enjoy His blessings! God is big ... He is really big. Of course He can work miracles and drop stove, mattress and rice cooker from heaven BUT He wants to use you.
Imagine the Sultan of Brunei wants to donate RM1 million to the flood victims and he appointed you to be the chief organiser to get the funds thru. But he won't be paying you. Would you do it? I think most of you would said "of course, it's the Sultan of Brunei" and you would feel good working for a high profile person, right?

So, what about God? Would you work for him? Why not?

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