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G'day, a mate in town!!

Woo hooo....just received news that Alan is coming down to KL on transit!! Actually, there were quite a number of the others who had come down to KL, like......Val, Aaron, Andrea... But none of them had my contact details. So, what can I say lar??

Alan is on transit to KL before transferring to HK. I and YK (if he is coming along..) are going to meet up with him on Tuesday night. Pity that it's not at day time..since most of the stores will be closed. Anyway, there is also a thriving night-life in KL, so whatever la...

Anyway, I have been helping out with both my parents business operations in the past few weeks. It's great to have helped my mom with her education business all this while, but a change of environment to a more structured business-like environment (such as one with a focus on event management, advertising and publishing) will do great for my social circle and maturing social needs....

So now you know where my interest in journalism comes from eh? (Mostly from my dad la!....)

The company is focusing on reincarnating a property magazine which I used to help with years ago (before the economy down turn many eons ago). The techniques used now are different, but the focus is still the same. For now, we are aiming to re-introduce the magazine into the market and create awareness of this magazine. Also, the company aims to be publishing another magazine, one with a focus on home living and interior design.

How it aims to be done will depend much on the response of the people who come in contact with the magazine la. Going to watch Eragon tonight. You guys have a great day, ya!

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