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Cooking the Malaysian way.

Today is the first time I have cooked chicken curry since returning to Kay El.

This is not my first attempt at cooking for the family, but the first dish I attempted to cook for them was Ma Poh Tau Fu last week. Did I write an entry on that? Not really sure if I did. Well anyway...

The first time I attempted to cook last week, my maids were in the background. Attempting to help out. As the chinese proverb says "Yeet Bong, Yeet Mong".
The English equivalent "too many hands spoil the broth". I thought they'd know how to help me with the cooking, but they were more trouble than help anyway. So today I told them to steer off the kitchen and stay away from my pot!!

It's a bit different here than in Toowoomba. The weather in Toowoomba is dry and cool. So far..even in summer. There are no pests to contend with. i.e. flies. cockroaches. cats. rats. The cooking equipment is also different.

Back here in KL, the weather is hot and humid. It definitely does not make do to leave your piece of pork to be aired out in the open. Well, not in my kitchen anyway. There'd be ants all over the place. Best to just leave it in the fridge to air instead after being salted.

Today was the first time I tried using the metal pots (ala the ones that the Malays and Indians here normally use to cook their curry in!). It really is a conducter of heat as the pot just heated up like that. I think. Is that so? The pot that I am used to cooking with took forever to heat up the pot and cook. I just have to remember that it is also because I am using a gas stove here to cook and not a hot plate.

In the student unit where I am staying, only hot plates are provided for students to cook with. Gas stoves are a bit too dangerous for this particular management's liking. So even if learnt to use the wok and the metal pot, I don't think it could cook very well on a hot plate surface, which is the only one that the student accomodation (SV) where I live provides.

Verdict of the cooking?

My parents loved it! My brother avoided curry like the plague though. Ummm..and I think this is the first time the maids have seen curry been cooked in the kitchen this year!! Coz my mom said that she had not cooked curry in a very very long time!!!

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