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Adapting my cooking methods: Part 2

Yesterday I went around the shops surveying the price of dry ingredients...I think my mom is getting used to me doing that now. *LOL*.

The average price for 1 kg of nasi pulut (loh mai) RM3.20. The price varies from the type of rice it is, as there are a few types...Sorry ah, but as far as I am concerned, there has only been one type that I have been using. They look all the same to me. Maybe I'll research on that later.

I bought a block of cane sugar (pin tong) for about RM1.60-1.80 p/block.
The average price for 1 kg nasi pulut hitam (hak loh mai) RM6.50!!
One packet of har mai at the chinese shop RM3.50/kg? I am not too sure about the price for this, as I didn't really check out this yet.
One packet of peanuts at the chinese shop RM2.00/kg? Maybe a bit too expensive.

The other day, I bought two packs of desiccated coconut for RM1/pack from Central. When I was "liquidizing" one pack out last night for my dessert on Friday night, my mom stated that I should buy the ones which are grayer (meaning older coconuts) as they'd have more coconut milk in it, as compared to the ones which are whiter. Then she said I could use the left-over dessicated coconut and fry them with flour dough (or something) to make some sort of crackers. Never heard of that before!

I decided not to get the har mai as my bro doesn't eat shrimp for complexion purposes..*Right*. There is no point in cooking something, if the rest don't eat, isn't it? (Well, it depends how many are eating anyway..)

Also too, I bought 2 lemons for about RM0.80-0.90 p/piece.

Anyway, I made sai mai yeh zap dessert for Friday night. Coconut milk with sago, as it is called in English.

You know, I am so used to all the food in Australia being so hygienically wrapped and processed, and that because I did not really cook with "loose" packed foods (as most of the ones in KL was), I thought it'd be the same for the food here...I did get a nice one from my mom. LOL!!!!

Oh time..

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