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Adapting my cooking methods: Part 1

Since coming back to KL, I realised that half of the foods that I learnt to cook in Toowoomba are not actually suitable for the weather here.

Today I cooked loh mai fan. I am used to cooking for 4 people and more. So that's what I did. Then after cooking and partaking of it, I realised that I have in regard to the amount I had cooked was too much for 4 people, because of the weather here, and that they needed less to eat because as said, the weather in KL is hot and humid.

Anyway, I forgot to add lap cheong, chopped peanuts, har mai and dry chinese mushrooms. aunt said she wanted to try some of my cooking and grade it. Haha. Maybe the next round, when I do remember to add those. Cannot lose face mah!! (I just found out that my bro doesn't partake of har mai....*sigh*)

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