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3rd Semester Holidays ahoy!

Today is my last day here in Toowoomba for Sem 3, 2006.

I finally finished my teaching practicum on Tuesday, handed in my assignment on Wednesday, started packing on Thursday.

Also finally packed all of my stuff to go. They're all neatly packed in boxes in the garage.Will be heading down to Brisbane at 4pm today. Then after to meet Jiaren & Stephanie in Melbourne, and thereafter to Tasmania until 19th December.

Will be in Brisbane to handle some immigration visa details in the last 3 days before I leave for Malaysia on 23rd Dec. See you there if you're there!

I really like my new housemates...never thought that Izam, Alan & Kevin could be this funny until they moved in!

Kevin likes listening to HillSong Instrumental. I periodically hear him listening to it on his PDA when he's playing LAN. He was surprised when I played it on my lappie earlier. LoL.

Izam and Alan often make calls back on 2B (a HongKong callback 2 phone program).

They all said they will miss me when I leave....the house will be so quiet when I am away.....


"Hou Yau Chui" as the Hongkies would say. Hmmm...actually, I think Justin is feeling a bit left out coz every1's speaking Cantonese... *LoL*.

Alan & Izam re-organized and cleaned out the kitchen yesterday. They really took out everything from the fridge, the larder, the cupboard and re-organized all the plates, dishes, bowls and spoons that I was momentarily lost last night when I was cooking.

We had Loh Mai Kai Fan (Fried Glutinuous Rice) with chicken, mushrooms, scallops and dried baby shrimp.

Izam cooked this beef, egg and so-called salted vege (looked really yummy!)

Anyway, Ivan brought over this spicy chilli tomato chicken dish. According to MT, Ivan is a good cook..comparable to Izam...LoL....

For the last morning here (for now anyway) I cooked Hak Loh Mai this morning. It's still in the pot, piping hot waiting for the guys to dig in!

Anyway, it's Summer in Toowoomba know, Summer IS SUPPOSED to be HOT.
But, this summer here is like Autumn and Winter. BARELY Hot in the day time.
Winter and Breezy at Night...

So Much for Summer anyway. Oh Well, it'll be a COLD Christmas in Toowoomba after all.

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