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Cooking prowess in the making.

The first night I came back to KL, I had dinner at home. A late night dinner anyway.

Guess what the maids had cooked? (yeah, the maids cooked..not my mum)

Steamed fish. Bland stir-fry vege. and some weird looking soup.

You can guess that I didn't really touch much of it.
In the past one week, I have met up with friends.

I was surprised that when I told them that I have learnt to cook basic dishes.... they gave me this stupendous look. What basic dishes do I mean?

When I arrived at the beginning of the year in Toowoomba, I wrote this,
saying how much I wanted to learn cooking..and refine my cooking skills I did. Success!

My first attempt at cooking a 3 course dish, although taking 2 hours, was a success. But never again would I try it!!

In the past one year, I have made:

My infamous diabetes-inducing-Chicken curry (from scratch) using cinnamon, dry chilli, meat curry powder and dry essentials. and cooking for a host of Hongkies!

Among that also is
- loh mai kai fan (from scratch),
- fried rice
(from scratch),
- bak zham kai
(chicken rice style from scratch!)- YK's fav!
and even had my try at mah poh tau fu (from scratch!).
-chapati and dhal (from scratch!)

I've also had a hand at
-siew yok (grilled pork),
-siew kai (grilled chicken),
-chicken in sweet and salty black soya sauce stew (wings and drumsticks and all!)
-ching tong kai yook mai fun (chicken noodle soup)
-wantan mee ala dry style.
- salad ala chinese style (cooked shredded chicken, mushrooms, fried meehoon, sesame oil)
- salad ala caesar style (with boiled eggs, shredded cheese, cabbage, olive oil, tomatoes)

Yet, that does not take into account desserts such as
-hak loh mai
(black glutinous rice),
-sai mai yeh zap
( hot coconut milk with sago),
-zhan zhu nai cha (pearl tea drink).
- hong dau shui (red bean soup)

Of course, the thing I have yet to master is baking. I can't bake to save my life. Although I've watched Justin bake his lasagne so many times, that is something I still can't remember how to make anyway!

Apparently most malaysian females (and males notwithstanding!) are not able to cook. It can't be blamed that they do not know how to cook.

Hmmm..what can I say? Eating out is cheap in KL.

Today I had lunch at Kim Gary. I ordered:

Steamed rice with chicken ala SzeChuen with potatoes & slathered over with cheese

That gave me an idea of what I could have my hand on to try cooking next....hehehe.

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