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Earthquake in Taiwan

You know, I find it strange that the calamities seem to have happen post Christian events.

The year before, it was the tsunami that happened on Dec 26th 2004.
It's an earthquake in Taiwan this time around. Dec 26th 2006.
The other was post-Easter 2005. less than one year apart.

What? Does that mean the next major calamity would be post-Easter 2007?

Should be brace ourselves for that? Somehow, its on these two major Christian events that God struck earth.
For those who don't believe in God, that really is not my concern. Since I believe in God, if you don't like what I write, you can go scurry off back to your hole somewhere..

Well, we'll see. Let's wait till next Easter. In the mean time, stock up on supplies should the next calamity really happen. I mean, no one knew that the mini-tsunami (whatever taht was) would actually come upon Penang when it happened.

Touch wood, the next could be Kuala Lumpur. But do pray that THAT does not ever happen!

(FYI, the internet connection here is really slow due to the Earthquake. Not sure about Australia though.)

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hyperactive said...

happy new year CY!

when u coming back to aus??

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