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The bus that I was supposed to take to Brisbane broke down before GreyHound switched us over to their normal route.

Ivan, sweet a fella that he is (but already financially half broke) decided to pay the extra 13 dollars (on top of the 10 dollars) making it a total of 23 dollars to come down with me to Brisbane on the bus. *awwwww* He was going over to take the train to meet his friend somewhere in town.

We arrived at Roma St about 6.30. An hour later than our expected time. Hmmph!

Anyway, results are released today!!! I scored a B for Guiding and Managing Children's Behaviour. However, the results for the other 2 courses are still pending.....

Please Please Pray that I get a good grade for the other 2 courses yeah??? Thanks very much!!! I don't want to be panicking and worrying abt that when I am on holidays...

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