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Melbourne: Confirmed my bookings.

I finally confirmed my booking to Melbourne. (Jiaren was making a lot of noise earlier tonight..*heck*)

Date: 9th Dec 2006,
Place: Melbourne (Avalon)
Time of Arrival: 13:00hours.
The rest of the crew will be arriving a bit later.

We still have not worked out the accomodations yet but that is not really a problem. Most important thing is to get the tickets first! I will be back at Brisbane on 19th Dec.

I have decided not to join them (as in Jiaren & crew) at Sydney as I have my post-professional experience issues to handle (which may crop up in any event. Who knows, right?). We will be spending the most of our time at Tasmania as well as in Melbourne.

As I have stated, I also have my flight back to Malaysia on 23rd Dec 2006. Today, I have decided once and for all...YES. I AM GOING back. So you guys, see you back in Kuala Lumpur! Heh. I will arrive in KL either at 6pm or 9pm, depending whether I get the 6pm flight back to KL.

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