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Angels singing in Heaven!

After 3 months of living with crazy housemates, and attending church services with us, my housemate from India, a hindu believer, who prays fervently to his Indian God (in a photo frame) every day in his room without fail, finally, on this day in history, decided to give his heart to God and accepted a position in the family of Christ when Pastor Yew Meng gave an altar call at our final ANS service in the hall today!

Welcome to our new member, Avadhut, to the body of the Christ! This, I believe will be a decision you will always remember for the rest of your life. To the others, continue praying for this "babe" in Christ, that he will grow spiritually in the Word of God and do many great things in the life to come!

Anyway, there has been some changes to the structure of the church service which my hsemate has written, so you guys can read it here.

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