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Ok, next plan.

Ok, I promised Annie that I will write on the ISS dinner.....*sorry!!*
Just haven't had time to write on that. Will try doing in the coming weekend.

Grace is back from touring Auckland and Malaysia. I am now feeling a bit sad on the realization that a lot of students are leaving at the end of the year, and this will also mean that I won't be seeing them after this. *sob sob sob*. Oh well.

I told myself not to get too annoyed with YK's antics no matter what he does for the next couple of weeks to come....hah. I have a sense of humour?? It really depends on the context, my dear. Just don't drive me crazy, k? I know you'll miss me a lot when you're gone. Ha ha.

Anyway, Jiaren has made a proposal for me to go on holidays with him and Steph to possibly tour Sydney, Melbourne and probably Tasmania as well. We are trying to get another person to come with us as that will save more costs..! many of my friends are in Melbourne....let's see... Kathleen, JonoChai, Faith & her family, my cousins George and Florence *mmm mmm*. Am just wondering if they will be there over the summer, eh?

I am in the midst of working out the costs of it for my parents to look at, because I initially did not think of going, and it definitely beats staying in Toowoomba with nothing much to do but swatting flies in the heat of summer.

He is proposing to stay for a while and to leave probably on 7th Dec, being that I might have my post-ECP interviews and other things to clear up before leaving before returning for Sem 1, 2007.

So, if my flight back to KL is on the 23rd Dec, and if I am leaving on that flight, then I will drag my essential belongings over to my couz's in Brisbane and be back in Brisbane maybe by the 22nd. Which means, I won't be travelling back to Toowoomba and will be leaving straight back to KL after that.

My cousin is getting wed in March, so I will probably be flying over to Melbourne again then? Oh well. Who knows what for now...

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