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Irene @KL Mouse's testimony.

One of my friends from the FGA YAF cell-group sent this email to us...I would like to cut-and-paste it here for everyone to see....

"Dear friends

First of all, I would like to thank you all for praying for my mom's surgery. She had a successful surgery and have been discharged from the hospital yesterday.

Secondly, I would like to share with you all as to how God have answered your prayers.

Yesterday afternoon, after my church I went home and found that my mom have just came back from the hospital. She had the hospital bill, so I checked to see how much was the cost of the whole surgery. I had expected a sum of not less than RM15,000. She was staying at Gleaneagles Jalan Ampang and that hospital is not cheap. Her room alone cost RM330 per night.

To my surpise, the bill was only about RM8,000. I checked the details and to my suprise, the item listed as "Professional Fees for the surgeon" is RM1 (yes, one ringgit). The doctor who had performed the surgery decided to charge my mom only RM1. My mom was also surprised as the doctor did not inform her that he will only charge RM1.

So, God not only answered our prayers for a succesful surgery. God did something that is beyond our expectation of Him (as usual). If we ever want to limit what God can do, perhaps we should think twice :)
If you are ever feeling down and sad about something, take a moment to see things around you and see how God have bless you or the people around you. If you are complaining that God just bless the people around you but not you, remember that God did not place us in this world to just love ourself ... Love Thy neighbour as you love yourself

Irene @ KL Mouse."

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