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Toowoomba: Erratic weather.

It was max, 40 degrees celcius yesterday.

Hot? Actually, I didn't really notice it.

MT came over for dinner yesterday. I cooked curry. My delicious diabetes inducing chicken curry.

Alan, my friend from HK was screaming bloody murder as MT (malaysian classmate) and I were adding more dry chilli and curry powder into the gravy! (We needed more gravy mah!).

Today, when I woke up, apparently it had rained the night before.

It was blowing cold and the breeze was freezing our bottoms off! Jiaren Lau, Tony Winter, Justin (Aaron's couz) and Aaron came over earlier.

Aaron wanted to visit us obviously. (duh). Then later, Ivan (from Sarawak) came over.

They all packed themselves like sardines into my room and had a nice time cracking jokes.

Jiaren said he wanted to apply to be a mentor next year. Good luck then.

Anyway, for dinner tonight, Alan cooked Shrimp Paste Steamed Pork, and Stir-fried chinese cabbage with soya sauce mince. Yummy.

Enough for 2 of us to eat tonight, and pack away for lunch for me and Justin, with leftover remaining! Yummy!

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