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Photo: Jiaren's 20th Birthday (2006)

Today was a really windy day.
It was SO windy I could feel it from inside my unit itself.

Now, in Spring,

Windy = COLD.

If it is a windy day, it REALLY IS a WINDY DAY!!

It's not like in Malaysia. I've not actually experienced a real windy day in KL for the almost more than past 2 and a half decades I have been living there all my life.

It was blowing the whole morning. And night. I had to put on my thickest jumper when I went to Steele Rudd earlier tonight.

Yup, a surprise meet-up for Jiaren!

Anyway, its Jiaren's bday today...

Jiaren's M&M mudcake

Happy 20th Birthday, Jiaren!
No more in your teens lor...

I didn't think we would actually celebrate it, coz Jiaren bulat-bulat bantah last week saying he didn't want to celebrate it....

Then today Val said, he was at the library, and people were asking him,

"Oi, Jiaren, how you celebrating your birthday today?"

"Aiya, dunno la...Nobody want to celebrate with me also."..

Nonsense lar, this Jiaren.

Jiaren said last week not counted, coz he had mood swing wor!


Entire surprise crew!!
The surprise crew that came over to Steele Rudd!
Anyway, he's feeling a bit down later tonight coz his External HDD not working...after lending it to some people.

Ok, do pray that his HDD will work, coz I know how it feels to have lost all the stuff you have collected through the years and find that it goes lost for no apparent reason, especially if it's like audio files and photos!


hyperactive said...

thank you...btw, hdd still dun work...stupid Aaron the nibbyhead...

cheayee said...

wa ha ha....

Yeah. NIbby head Aaron itu.

Sungguh malangnya!!

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