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Tuesday arrives.

This blog is best viewed on Internet Explorer. That is what I can say anyway. Hah.

If you are observant enough, you'd have noticed that I have just added a new Chatter-Box. The previous one was rendered unusable as I think the company or website was taken over by some weird organisation online. So please leave your comments in the Chatter box (as you can see on your right).

Well, today I finally managed to get the Jap garden pictures from Jiaren. So there, you can view it as you scroll down. Cool eh?

We were in Veronica's office (one of the Student Service counsellors) and she said she saw my blog.... So she asked me to write for the Student well.

*saying that I write a lot of stuff on food entries in my blog...*LOL


Announcing that Veronica is giving away FREE coffee vouchers, Day Passes to the USQ Gym, or $2 phone cards for surveys completed! Go to her office to do them!

Anyway, she says that if you do a book review or movie review and it gets printed in the Student newsletters, you stand to win a movie voucher, or $10 book voucher at the USQ Book Store.FREE stuff, you don't want ah??

I was thinking of cooking curry tonight. My housemates are sick of eating curry everyday....albeit a different variation of curry...Yuck. Yuck. Yuck.

Anyway, guess what I cooked for dinner tonight?

Stir-Fried Bok Choy with Shiitake Mushrooms.

Chicken in Sweet & Salty Black Soya Sauce Stew.

I thought it might have been too sweet, but my housemates, Avadhut & Justin thought differently! Woo hoo!

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