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"Tentative" being the operative word here.

Last night, the International Student Support Services hosted an Annual International Dinner for all the international students. It was real posh-y.

blah blah blah.

Will write about that later.

Anyway, my tentative plans for the rest of the summer semester now is that I will be starting my practicals on 8th of November, and "tentatively" completing it on 5th of Dec. Yes, 20 days of bloody darn pract.

being the operative word here.

The other thing is, I have a flight back to KL scheduled on 23rd Dec 2006.

This booking was made ages ago (like in the month of February 2006), which was way before I knew what I would be doing here. I do not think I could get any earlier dates than the 23rd (when I do call up SIA next week to check on the time table) being that it is the festive season (both in Australia, and elsewhere).

Anyway, that being that, everything is tentative for the time being.

Actually, I am not really sure about this whole business of going back to Malaysia thing... I am getting my visa renewed here, so basically I can stay here as long as I want to after the New Year till Semester 1, 07 starts.

Apart from missing all my friends back in KL, as well as missing the food, well, that is all that is..
(knowing my parents, they will drag me to work till the month of February ends, but I would like to help my dad with his office-and-going-out-of-town work instead).

I could most probably get a job to support my living expenses here, and also travel a bit as well. If I work one to two days here, that could bring in enough to cover my expenses for one week (and maybe more!). I also have my other friends here who would accompany through out the summer.

The reason I am pondering is probably because I was talking to Edmund when he was back in KL during the mid year break... he was complaining that he stayed in in his house for the most of the hols and would rather have been in OZ where at least he could have found a job to do. The other being that, as I have experienced, during holidays, my friends are all mostly busy working, and there is basically no one there to spend any time with you....unless you mean at during lunch or at nights.

Apart from that, I have other good news. My parents managed to renew my driving licence. They are handing it over to Grace, who will be back here next weekend. Woo Hoo...I can drive then!!

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