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Photoblog: YK's Birthday (2006)

It's my nibby housemate, YK's birthday!

(This entry is late due to unforseen circumstances) apart from the fact that I had a short fuse which blew up on Friday evening (till Saturday night).

I should have taken my slippers to throw at YK when he asked me who initiated the entire birthday idea today eh.

Read: YK's post on the birthday party & behind-the-scenes post...

Well, my dear housemate somehow managed to get hold of the emails that was communicated between the organizing committee of the whole event.

The pre-planning process took quite a while, but I don't think anyone would be interested to read what actually happened, so I shall try to give you guys the briefest report on it...

A call was made to YK to find out his plans for Wednesday night. Since he was going for I.F, we wanted to make the plans fit into his, so he would not have suspected anything...

On Wednesday evening, when YK did not want to take a shower before going to I.F. I should have figured that sooner or later. He even came prepared to I.F bringing his camera in his pants, and wearing an old t-shirt, as Ronnie noted.


When he got home that night, (the rest of the other I.F people had come along), he then proceeded to ask if the people from ANS were coming, to which I shook my head. He then started calling up all the other ANS members to come along. At first I asked why, then I decided to let him have the honour of doing it.

YK joked about having his planner (referring to me) not doing a good job, because he thought the ANS people were actually coming, but they didn't!

It was a really good joke, coz when all of the ANS members came (they obviously knew about the surprise party), I told them about it. We were all sniggering quietly. LOL.

YK should have figured it out, coz most of the ANS members did not actually "formally" wish him. LOL. So the party went on, he got "egged" and he had great fun. Justin and Trevor gave him his gifts..His dad and mum called.

He should have figured out somethng was on when Avadhut& I didn't give him his bday prezzie.

I gave him quite a lot of hints like asking "so how many old t-shirts" do you still have left, eh?"

Little does he know what he has in store the next day...

On Thursday, YK had his hair-cut.

After that, Rachel and Trevor joined us for lunch. Slowly but surely, all the uni students living in Student Village and on college from ANS started trickling in one by one.

Then he went outside to take pictures. Rachel is pretty creative with ideas when it comes to that. My mind just went blank. LOL.

Avadhut getting ready!

You should have seen the look on YK's face when that first pouring of water splashed down YK's face.

Avadhut pouring watr on YK.

That was priceless.

He was so NOT expecting that.

"Egged" twice in two days!


Anyway, we decided to give up on the idea of giving him a surprise party. The best part is that, YK was not expecting a party to be given in his honour.

Caesar Salad.
Caesars' Salad

YK's birthday cupcakes.
Sparklers on cupcakes.The cupcakes are burning!!
The cupcakes were burning!!

The special guest of the party.
The special honourable chairman of the party.

Bevy of beauties.
With a bevy of beauties.....tsk. tsk. tsk. this YK getting very* naughty*.

The entire Crew...
The entire crew!!!

Happy 25th Birthday!!!

Hope you enjoyed your birthday greatly!

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