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My 3-day weekend Brisbane Eating Escapade

I just returned from a trip to Brisbane during the weekend. Did a week block pract at a childcare centre, so I really needed a break!

It's not often that I go up for a trip to Brisbane, so it is kind of a big deal. I was just remarking to a housemate that I wanted to go and visit my cousin in Brisbane, and God really blessed me (in this instance) with a trip up there!

Woo hoo.

I woke up 10 minutes before Mun came to pick up!! YK woke up 5 minutes before I did!
We stopped over at Mackers for breakfast. I ordered an egg and meat burger, hash brown and white coffee for brekky.

Then after we dropped Rachel off at UQ, we stopped over at ChinaTown to have dim sum at King of Kings.

*Now, Toowoomba is a pretty small place. There are absolutely NO dim-sum places whatsoever there. That goes for authentic Japanese kaiten-belt restaurant with raw fish whatsoever. The people are just not that adventurous yet....*

YK and me.
2 very bored looking pioneers looking on...
Up with the King of Kings.
After which, we dropped YK at Borders for him to do some book shopping.

Mun & I headed off to Hanaichi for some Jap grub and gelato at Queen Street.

Chuka Kurage (Jellyfish Sharkfin). Among my fav!


After picking Rachel up from UQ, we met up with my couz, Adrian.
Adrian brought us to some malaysian owned chinese restaurant near Toowong.

Mun, Rachel, YK and Adrian.
After which, Mun and the rest left, whereas I left with my couz.

Adrian posing.

For dinner, we headed back to ChinaTown for some chinese dinner.
Sweet and Sour Lala (or Pippin, as they call here).

Fried Fish.

Asam Pineapple meat dish *whatever that was*.

Stir-Fried Beef with vege.

Then we headed home for an early rest. Everyone was up early that day so we turned in early.


Went with Mick and Eric (Adrian's roomies) with Ryan (Aussie white fella) and this Hongkie guy, Edwin, to The Manor. My couz was up all night on LAN and was pretty grumpy that morning, when we tried to drag him to go yum-cha.


The Manor is tis really cool dim sum place. Very efficient service and yummy dim sum to go...
Heck..Better than King of Kings very much so!
You'd think that The Manor was some potatoes and steak place with its English sounding name, wouldn't ya?

Gone with the wind.

After which, we went over to Sunny Banks to do some grocery shopping, and then to this mall at Indooropilly to do some meat shopping. Then we headed back and stayed in for the rest of the day.
In the evening, the crew headed off to play some tennis.

I stayed in to play with the Paint Shop Pro on my couz's lappie. Eric meanwhile, was doing his own thing in the house. (whatever that it could be) and came in every so often to see how I was doing.


Woke up at 11am. Couldn't drag Mick to wake up any earlier to do any shopping.


We headed over to Toowong Village to have lunch at this place, Too Wongs, a place run by a Malaysian (as well!).

Aftr which, they sent me off to Roma St, to which I hopped onto the bus and headed back to Toowoomba.
Herein lies the end of my tale of my 3 day rendesvous at Brisbane for this weekend.

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