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A long Wednesday.

Am in the library now. Supposed to be doing my work....Well, am trying to. LOL.
Reading some of Ai Ling's entries on Earthquake Survival Kit and her voiceover job offer in Japan!

G'd on ya, Ai Ling!

Yesterday, I brought in my work to my lecturer for her to have a look at it. It was not that bad..I do have time to work on the contents and requirements. Another boring day today..Headed down to GC for a while to get some stuff after that.

Trevor bought this squishy green fluffy pillow whilst at Myers.
Ok, now I know where Jiaren gets his inspiration for the power-ball.....
Never under-estimate the power that THE squishy green fluffy pillow has to bring in the chicks. LOL.

Today I made loh mai kai! Yes, my yummy pepper-y Loh Mai Kai!

Hanna & Izam came over to help me make a different kind of glutinous rice dish. Yummy.
They made this dry type fried loh mai fan dish using crushed peanuts, sliced chicken pieces, fried mushrooms and the normal household seasoning. The only thing that would make a difference to the dish was if the rice was drier, or wetter.
They also brought over some left-over tomato-carrot-potato soup.
That was the best!

Val was salivating when I told her about it during the after- I.F supper they were having today! LOL.

Grace is coming over tomorrow, so I will see her to pass her this CD and some other stuff before she heads off to Malaysia.

Anyway, I was really pissedddddd today!!!!!

I burned some audio files onto this blank cd, but I didn't verify it until today.
When I played it last night, the computer stated that the files were corrupted. When I played it on Alan lappie, there were no problems. Then I tried it out on my housemate's didn't work.
I so totally screamed at my housemate earlier although I think he seemed oblivious to the whole thing...*blah*. He's not feeling well, so, I can't say much about that either (I think).

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