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Kids Church!

Debbie wanted to take a rest, so Amy& I took over the afternoon session today.

Both Amy & Debbie acted as a helper.

I was actually a bit nervous as all the children came today!

Anyway, I had prepared a few lessons on "light of the world" as well as "being fruitful".
-Debbie helped by bringing all the candles and aluminium foil.
-Amy helped by bringing lollies and sweets for the children.
She thought of some games but I think we can use that for next week.

Yellener (Not sure how to spell her name) and her friend came along to help out as well.

I asked the children to seat themselves in a circle. Then I asked them to give an introduction of themselves and name 3 facts about themselves.

We played the "Blindfold Game". The children absolutely loved it! So much so that we didn't have enough time for the lessons prepared! Oh well, I guess we can use that for next week now then.

We played that for uni-group on Friday, and the adults loved it as well too! They couldn't stop laughing and giggling during the game!

After service, Grace bought a coffee cake for all the members who had their birthday in Sept and Oct. They are lots of people whose birthday is in October as well!

I think the Kids Church can hold a mini celebration for Amy when her birthday approaches at the end of the month! She has been really committed to helping the Kids Church for months now.

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