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Hazy Monday in KL?


Are our neigbhours burning the forests again?
Tsk. Tsk. Tsk.

Haze. Haze. Haze...*Sigh*

Aiya, better than here in Australia lar.

Here we have all this extremely bad Ultra-Violet Rays that every child who goes out to play has to put on a hat. This is all -year- round ler.

The haze short while only ler...

Furthermore, we are in the midst of a drought. No water half the time...actually Toowoomba is already at Level 5 water drought. Which is Very Very Bad Case lor. Some more the drought has gone on for more than 5 years (or max 20 years, all over Australia), I heard!!

You guys better pray for us that we have more rain..

The formula:

Rain = Water = Cooler Weather = Not so stuffy air!!!

Great Formula, isn't it???

What is haze la??

I know PG got sick because of it lar...Ok lor, PG, you take some rest and...umm...drink more water and put on your air masks.

It's an ANNUAL yearly occasion. So enjoy it !!! *LOL*

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