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Duck Tales.

Today after my library session, the crew of us headed off to the Japanese garden to feed the ducks. It was Jiaren's idea to do that. So off we headed off to Jiaren's unit, and lugging bags of old bread and his dutiful but ever present Canon digital camera.
On our way there, he told us stories of the ducks.
4 gangster ducks.
1 manja wan.
A school of the most adorable ducklings with their ever watching mother.
One king-fisher.
A baby stork.
A huge crow.

"Hou yao chuii" (most interesting) as the Hongkie students like to say. Actually, I have not fed the ducks in this Jap garden, but in particular the one at UQ. Whilst at the garden, we bumped into Aaron & M.T who happened to be there.
We cam-whored. We posed. We smiled for the camera-man.
Aaron, Jiaren, MT and me.

A reli fancy pose.

MT Avadhut

MT & Avadhut striking a pose. ;-)
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