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Dry Soya Sauce Meehoon.

Today I made dry soya sauce mee hoon for breakfast!

With sesame oil, black soya sauce, thick soya sauce, pepper seasoning and meehoon....

It was yummy!!!

I had marinated beef mince from last night so I made them into beef balls as well.

Anyway, some how I get the impression that YK does not seem to like the food I cook. However, if he seems to think that it is tiresome on my part to allocate his share and for him to eat it, then I am not going to bother preparing any for him then. It's not my problem he doesn't get any.

I am actually not very bothered about the episode above, but what really tipped the cup over is because I got so pissed when I send a "friend" a text message to greet them like for that one off occasion in the year today, and they tell you something to the words of "what a waste of money", and then delete off the message.

Personally, I find that very inconsiderate behaviour. I hope they like it when others do the same to them.


hyperactive said...

there there...boys will be boys...

cheayee said...

Boys will be boys??

That does not excuse a male's behaviour.

Jonochai said...

Well, maybe your friend is just being a bit insensitive and did not consider your feelings. Just be a bigger person and don't be angry with him. Maybe he was in a bad mood or something...or he just may be a jerky fellow! Whatever the case is, don't let this bother u too much, life is too short!

cheayee said...

I hope he likes burnt dinners.

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