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ANS Multi-Cultural Night

Tonight, the All Nation Service Church had their Annual Multi-Cultural Night at St.Joseph's College.

College here refers the Malaysian equivalent of sekolah menengah /high school /secondary school, and not tertiary level as most Malaysians would think. (like Methodist College in Brickfields, for example).

I didn't perform any item, except that I had to walk up with the children from Children's Church on stage to sing Australia Fair.

(Is that equivalent to performing anything? LOL).

Anyway, I totally refused to wear the so called SIA air hostess look-alike imitation costume, which Aunt Elena had in mind for me to wear.....*sticks tongue out*

So I asked Sachi, one of my classmates from the Education Faculty, if she could lend me her Yukata. I didn't know if she would actually lend me..but she did!

A "yukata" is different from a "kimono" in the sense that Kimonos are worn for more formal occasions such as weddings, dinners, matchmaking sessions, or coming-of-age events (Seijin Shiki), whereas the Yukata is worn only in summer more casual but no less insignificant events (in Japan anyway) such as fireworks, bon-odori and the like.

Woo hoo!

in Sachi's unit.
The yukata in all its glory!

The outfit consists of 2 parts which is the obi sash and the yukata itself. The Obi Sash is to hold up the yukata....and Sachi really tied it up real tight!!


I could barely breathe or walk fast. (like I ever could walk fast to begin with...LOL). The obi sash was really tied on tight!

yukata obi sash
The obi sash tied into a bow behind.

Even Sachi was not too sure how to put it on, as yukatas/or kimonos are not worn often anytime in a year. This could also explain why many Japanese students don't bring their costumes when they travel abroad to study, as many of them think there would be no occasions to wear it.

It really is a summer outfit, because by night fall, it was COLD when I wore it out in the open in the Spring night air!

The yukata outfit was a total hit, as there were no other people wearing the yukata in sight, EXCEPT for mine!

the ANS crew....
The ANS crew...look at all the monkey faces!

It sure is strange to see a Malaysian born chinese wearing a Japanese costume. LOL.
The icing on the cake is when Sachi told me that I really looked Japanese, because all this while, people (malaysians, that is) have always told me that I look more like a intermix between Malay and Chinese. Especially during road inspections, the malay policemen would always ask if I was chinese or malay. LOL.

Val & CY
Val in her imitasi SIA costume

There were tons of Korean national costumes (I dunno what's it called though) being worn by William and Richard's family and the like, since they are Koreans.

Kim & CY
Mr & Mrs. Kim, the Koreans.

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