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This week's fantabulous updates!

Ok, I know I haven't written in ages... *Well, for this past one week anyway.*
Just to update you guy....

Last Last Week..
Went over to a friend's house to sleep over. There was a movie marathon at McGregor, so there was no Uni-Group on that night.

Woke up at 8am.

Had a lovely breakfast that our male mate who came over cooked. *Yummy!*
Even had Kong Yuin Chue in our noodle soup!

Went for the Annual Flower Festival at Toowoomba town with Izam, Hanna, Kevin, Avadhut. Bumped into Val & gang in town! Seems that everyone from uni was there for the floats and parade on show today. Finally met up with YK and Rachel in town today.

Took lots and lots of pictures at the flower garden. Bumped into Jojo, Bolly & Alan at Queen's Park.
*Will try to remember to post the pictures later...when I have the time!*

Nothing much up today.
Helped out at Kids' Church.
Debbie wants me to help for two Sundays during the school holidays....

Last week,
Went to see my Professional Experience co-ordinator. Alice Brown. She called my mentor and gave me some feedback and guidance strategies for me to do during my pract.

Took the bus down with my housemate to the Toowoomba City Library at 13:20 hours. Returned all my books and only borrowed stuff which requires me to return in a month's time. Borrowed Boy Meets Girl, and What Every Young Woman Should Know.
Did some grocery shopping at Grand Central after that.

My professional Experience. Our Toddler2 group went to SpringBluff on a train ride. It was a hot day. I would have loved to wander around the garden....but I am not going to drag 2 toddlers around with me!
Anyway, the day more or less went well, coz my mentor was pleased with my lesson planning and signed me off my tasks! Praise the Lord! Have been praying a lot about this!
Jiaren and Co (YeeAnn & Andrea) dropped over at my unit after dinner. We had a nice chat and prayed about my research trip for Friday.

Went to M. Child Care Centre (near McGregor residential college) to do my research. I was praying really hard for today and I praise God coz the morning went really well.
I really loved the atmosphere there, and I very much enjoy the programme that the pre-school has in place there.

Took a nap at 14:00 hours, and woke up right before 15:00 was so *HOT* and stuffy, that I just woke up...Well, the weather will just get warmer from now onwards...till Summer comes anyway. I hope it rains every now and then, so the blistering heat will go away.
The weather was about 25 degrees celcius. Plus the air is pretty dry here. I know that YK and a mate of Tony's had nose bleeding. I hope that won't happen to me!
Loaned the "What Every Young Woman Should Know" to Andrea.
Watched Slither after Friday Uni-Group. Hmmm....zombie horror movies are so *intellectually demanding*. I think I shall stick to killer-slasher movies after this.

Went over to Deborah & Cheng's new house for nasi lemak lunch. *Yummy*. A lot of the International Friendship people were there to help them move their belongings.
The Beef Rendang was very *tender*, YK observed. (haha).
There was a Detective Game with the GameZone today at mid-afternoon today. It was *interesting* game, which required walking and intricate M rated story lines. LOL.
My Hongkie mate, Izam, is going to prepare a lovely dish "Imitation SharkFin" for dinner using cornflour, transparent bean vermicelli noodles, kong yuin chue, and probably eggs.
No idea how he will attempt that since it's his first time, but it's always worth a try!
*Much later after dinner...*
*Burp* The dinner was fantabulastic!

Kevin made a mushroom pork in soya sauce delicacy. He cooked it for quite a while to tenderize it. And also stir-fried cabbage. *Actually the mushroom pork dish was something that he made out of some idea on top of his head....but that tasted good, so who cares!*
Izam and Hanna made the "Imitation Shark Fin" soup. Other things they added to it apart from those I noted above are chicken stock, chicken stock seasoning, hand-stripped chicken meat, prawn meat, finely sliced chinese mushrooms....and bowl after bowl of cornflour mixture.
*It took forever to congeal!*

Chi Fung made grilled bbq pork strips. Using Smoked Barbeque marinade from Aldi's. He marinated his *meat* even longer than mine! Last night during dinner apparently.
I made roast chicken wings marinated in soya sauce, cornflour (and other seasonings) and honey. I probably should have put in the honey later....but *nevermind*. Anyway, it turned out pretty well. So there! Izam said that the marinade really *went into the bone*, so that is pretty good, I guess. Hah!
YK came over to join us for dinner at Unit 35. He didn't want to eat fried Indo-Mee *alone* for dinner. LoL! ;-)

Tony has gone back to his Nana's for the weekend and will be back during the week-day.
Avadhut has gone out somewhere for dinner. Maybe...*pak-toh-logy* kwah. Ha ha.
So there....a lovely nice Saturday dinner to kick start the beginning of Recess. Probably we'll do something novel for Mid-Autumn Festival as well. Heh.

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