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Sunday updates.

Finally, I realise where I heard the name "Becky Sharp" from. The name is actually a character from "Vanity Fair", whom I had won 4 tickets to watch a single screening of it at Golden Screen Cinemas the year before.

Anyway, the mysterious Peter Sharp (friend of my housemate, Tony) turned up at ANS today. He was teaching English to the foreign China male labourers before service started today.

I was pretty much surprised to see him there! He didn't recognise me coz I had my shades on before that! LOL.

Today I helped out at the Kids Church (I have been helping for the past few, what can I say about it?).

Anyway, Debbie wants me to take over for the next 2 weeks as she wants to take a break from teaching next week.

Well. Well. Well.

I really put my "behaviour management" skills to the practice today. We had two new African (well, that is what I thnk they were anyway) children who came today. They really put Debbie's wits to the test. LOL.

I was able to handle them surprisingly, and they listened well when I told them to. LOL. I hope that they too will next week!

We had our Pre-Camp Briefing today. The pastor was telling the do's and don'ts for the 3 day camp at Sunshine Coast that we'd be going from Tuesday morning.

Anyway, back to the Peter Sharp fella. Apparently he's completed he's completed two undergraduate majors, one which is in some Engineering thing, and the other in Middle School Education. He has since resigned from his job at the HarrisTown school. The school has a reputation of students being hard on teachers. Well.

He also spoke to Joey & Wil in mandarin (which I found surprising) but then he told us that he had spent a year teaching English at tertiary level in China. So, he *HAS* been immersing in the typical China China culture. LOL.

Tonight for dinner, I cooked *surprise surprise* Chicken Curry.

Mun came over and cooked Ba Ku Teh *yummy*! It was great. I have since found that the ba ku teh has heaps of garlic and pepper seasoning in it...which is probably what gives it its tangy taste.

I decided to invite M.T to come over to join us for dinner...(Hei, it is a bit sad to always have dinner by yourself all the time you know?)

It was a most scrumptious tummy-filling dinner.

Yum. Yum.

After that, we headed over to pick Grace up and went over to Angel Cafe for an after dinner coffee. Her housemate, Carrie came along with her.

Angel Cafe is a really hip coffee place. Something like a hip coffee place like Domes in KL, but classier.

I ordered a cup sized Cappucinno. We ordered two cakes. (can't remember the names lar).

Ok, what I can say is that, it's a real pity that YK's first experience with Cappuccinno had to be a real bad with the Mackers version of it...Next time, we'll take YK to try the one at Coffee Club and let him try the better version one of it instead.....(then he can't say Cappucinno tastes bad!)

Took heaps of pictures with the group...Yeah. Yeah..I know..I really just don't have the time to upload and look through them...*Some day la..Some day la*.

Anyway, by the time we got home, (about almost 11am) I was so tired....and wanted to sleep.
But it so happened that my brother was online, that I had a conference with him. Hah....

Now, I am so bloody awake coz the coffee has really gone into me..*Sigh*.
Oh well. Then an entry here it goes lor. LOL.

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