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Today I went shopping with my roomie, Yong Kuang.

Let's just say that after a few failed attempts to actually get the ball rolling, today is one day which actually went well. When I say shopping, I meant grocery shopping.

What were you thinking there???

In the morning I went for a 2 hour lecture. Got home about 10.20am. So we waited for the Bus. No. 4 that comes at 11am.

First we went to the Toowoomba City Council Library. It's really great, coz I have one month's length of time for either books or compact discs borrowed from there. We borrowed about 14 items worth of children storybooks, magazines, DVDs and soundtracks. The only limitations are on the DVDs which are only rented out for a week.

Which is really great, coz I doubt I would have been able to have access to it any other way.

Then we headed off to Grand Central to have our lunch.
We got some grocery shopping at Coles....but as we were leaving to the bus stand, YK then reminded me that we forgot to get eggs. Chicken eggs! Oh well.

If there's one thing we need to get for a change is... some thing besides chicken meat.

When I was in secondary school, we used to have chicken meat on the menu every day. It was such that, the canteen was nick named "KFC". The headmaster was incensed, coz at our year end proms, this made the head lines of the prom bulletines.

Which was really funny! like we even cared what the headmaster thought, ha!

My unit is exactly becoming that. We have had all kinds and varieties of chicken meat prepared in our Unit....on my part it is steamed, curry, black soya sauce, pineapple honey lemon, fried, sweet and sour, and whatever I can think off for now.

After Justin's party the other day, I find that there is the necessity for me to try working with different kinds of meat....coz I find that I am pretty "handicapped" in other kinds of meat. Have to look through cook books but that'd be a good learning experience though... heh.

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