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Post Sept 11.

I have not much to write of late recently. Well, it is post Sept 11 today. Last night we watched "United 93" at my unit, in commemoration of the Sept 11 attacks. It was....*educational*.

I finally managed to hand in my ECE2112 assignment last night. I am not sure if what I wrote for my assignment is correct, but I would only know when the assignment has been marked and returned!

Anyway, lots been happening lately. There was Kevin (from ANS) , Aun Huei and Iris's (from AOG) graduation ceremony on Saturday afternoon. Then there was the LAN party at my unit on Saturday night. I wanted to go for the Ravi Z. thing on Saturday, but since I chose to go and meet up with Rin Na, I decided not to go for the Ravi Z. forum. Justin had come back from Rosewood for the weekend and is now back at Rosewood. I also had a *slight* temperature on Saturday...which doesn't really help a person much when they want to do an assignment??!

Well, I even met up with Rin Na, Ree Sion's elder sister at the graduation.
Rin Na is my high school mate, and is currently married to Kim Poh, another fellow Inaian, who is my senior by a year. She came with her two children, a boy, and a girl, and her parents for Ree Sion's graduation.

Sze Yin, another Inaian, happens to be Ree Sion's gf. (She was in Judith's year, although Sze Yin is younger than Judith by a year). Sze Yin was formerly studying at UQ, but is now in Melbourne (if I am not mistaken). Sze Yin happens to be one of those who blogs, so I more or less knows whats happening on her side!

So, there it was, this "Inaian" co-incidental meet up. All the way in Toowoomba, Australia, for a convocation, far away from Ampang, Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia!


It sure is strange to see Rin Na after 9 years, with 2 kids in boot! Well, actually I didn't even remember that Ree Sion would be graduating, had Rachel not reminded me that Ree Sion was having his convocation either! Reflecting on the life that Rinna has now, I would say that I very much prefer the life I am having now.

Today I met up with my lecturer to discuss the progress of my research...It's not really going anywhere at the rate I am working. Which, therefore, is the reason why I am going to utilize my daily planner like my life depends on it now!

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