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Back from Sunshine Coast!

Hi people...
Just came from a 3 day long "retreat" from the ANS Church retreat at Sunshine Coast for the past 3 days.

I had a really long....... nice break. Being that I totally didn't attend any of the sessions....LOL.
Hei, it is supposed to be a retreat ya'know?
I didn't want to stress myself out than I already am already.

Anyway, I got to get to know some people better.
Like Wati, Richard, and Wil. (they only mentioned 3, so I mention 3 only lor!)

Wil accepted Christ on the 2nd night of camp!! That is absolutely marvellous! All the leaders prayed for him. I am sure that will be a decision he will ponder on for the rest of his years... :-)

A number of the China workers came for the trip.

M.T also invited 3 of his China friends to come as well.

First day
We arrived at about 11.30am.
We all received our name tags and then played some exciting ice-breaker games.

At about 1pm,
Had a nice lunch:
mediterranean rice, some kind of pita bread, and pine-apples. Yummy!

Then we headed off to play Captain Ball (not sure what that is, but some non-contact ball using the hands to throw the ball without running away with the ball).

and of course, soccer!
Which I had absolutely no idea how to play at all!
Then we headed back to our units to get changed for the night.

Dinner was:
Can't remember.
Ice cream and Jelly at night.

And went for the session at night.

2nd day:

Breakfast was:
Bacon and eggs. My fav!

I slept through the morning.
Dunno what happened lor.
Jiaren woke me up 3 times through my sleep.

He was meditating on the word.
The bible was right beside him all the way.

Lunch was:
Ice-cream for dessert. Yum.

We had beach games today. Every got pulled into the water! Haha.
I got to ride on a jet ski!
Woo hoo...It was a face-stretching exercise indeed!

Dinner was:
Chicken with gravy.
Potatoes in skin.

Skit night was great.
Love group was great.... led by Edna.
Tonight we saw 2 leaders peeking out from hiding. Edna. M.T
Notwithstanding that I heard that Jiaren contributed a lot to his team a lot. His persistency (as usual) paid off well.

M.T can sing! Not bad... I already know....can sing just as well. Haha. He sang a Hindi song.

Then we watched "I Not Stupid 2" till 2am.
Jiaren & co, + ChiFung & co, + Shaun & co + Kevin played UNO till 3.3am.

3rd & Final day!

Breakfast was:
Sausages, tomatoes, and....can't remember.

Ok, I came in in the morning for the final session, but...I still went back to sleep after that...

*Never mind*.

We packed out stuff and headed for lunch.
Today was "also can't remember."

Then we headed off to the Sunshine Plaza.
Stayed there till 4.30pm.

Avadhut had gone off with Al, so he cooked dinner for us.
G'd on ya, Avadhut!

We were so dead tired by the time we reached home.....

After dinner it was

(*but not before we saw the videos on YK's lappie though!)

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