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The weekend rendezvous.

It's been a nice long weekend at home this week. Well,

I have had the opportunity of meeting Yong Kuang's parents when they came over during the first semester holidays.

On Sunday, I also had the rare opportunity to meet Justin's parents, who popped in for that rare drop in. They were on their long service holidays, and had just returned from Papua New Guinea. Their visit is most on spot. For Justin anyway.

Tony's nanna (grandma) dropped in for a visit. It seemed that he spent the weekend at his grandma's.

One nice big happy family reunion.

Anyway, I had my hair coloured. Red. Again.

Actually, I did not think of having my hair trimmed, but the girls, R & H, seemed to enjoy it. I was having bad hair days of late, so I think a change of hair style was in need.

Rachel brought out this magazine on hair styles. Never thought she would actually own one. She was in her element.

Surprise. Surprise. Deborah actually owns this pair of scissors which has a "comb" blade on it!

I even painted my nails. Shimmery Mauve. I had been planning on doing that, but never actually got down to it anyways.

*Update* Dr,Grace came over for a sleep-over on the weekend. The boys thought we were comparing which guys at uni/church was good looking, but alas, to disappoint them, we were actually comparing Chinese vs Malay state schools and if I wanted them to ever go to a chinese school. Well, that depends on many factors (which I won't bore with details here!).

Well, there goes the weekend and comes the Monday blues again.

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