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Torment me not.

I know you are happy.
Torment me not.

Can't you see tis a struggle for me?

Each time I see you,
I know not what to think.

Yet each day I see you,
Wanting to talk to you.

You know not I am alive,
Yet, dead you want me not.

How much is too much?
How far is too far?

Yet you're not mine to have,
Yet my heart is not mine to give.

I wish to walk away,
To look away I want.

But like a gargoyle you sit there,
Haunting my very dreams.

How long have I to keep this act?
How long have I to avoid you?

I wish it all a bad dream,
And wake from heart ache slumber.

Torment me not,
With your face of happy laughter.

Torment me not,
With your face of silence.

Torment me not,
When you go away.

Torment me not,
I wish it were not so.

Yet you know not,
That torment in my soul.

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