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I am mostly a mild mannered girl.

Who barely throws a tantrum. Even when I feel like it.

With a high threshold of tolerance for total rubbish behaviour and crappy nonsense from mates.

I've got my limits though.

One of the rules I have learnt to live by is, if you do not appreciate your time being with me, I'd rather spend time with the cat.

Wall flowers.


A shovel.

To name a few.

You can kick those. You can bang those. You can be outright rude to those. But not to me.

Once is fine. I ignore it.

Twice is forgivable. I ignore it.

Thrice is biting that part of the spoon. I ignore it.

Fourth is, a nice whack on your bottom, and a nice hearing from me.


Anonymous said...

i betcha look even beautiful throwing a tantrum.
hi its ben from california.
I wanted to ask you a question.
was it hard to leave home to go to school?
it seems like your really living life. you have inspired me to pack up and live life. and to hopefully gather alot of memories from my travels like im sure you have. i know that your culture is like mine .(mexican) you know family oriented. did ou have any mental roadblocks about leaving your family?

cheayee said...

ha ha...

not really. It really depends on the personality of the person.

for me, I left Malaysia at time when most of my peers were already working. I needed a change, so it was not very difficult.

It may have been much more difficult if I was in my teens, or much younger.

But heck. I know some people who say that it does not really matter, or make a difference to be able to have the opportunity to be able to travel overseas to study.

But the fact is, we learn to see things from another culture's perspective.

Whether we want to admit or not. And we realise things that people are able to do more freely in a different nation from ours, and appreciate the things that we take for granted.

I had a friend who left Malaysia to study in the UK. Her father told her that he would buy her a car if she didn't leave. She thought about it, and she decided to go for the overseas experience, as anyone can buy a car anytime, but an overseas experience is something which is may change the way she looks at life.

She has since graduated and bought her own car in the UK now. So much for a car made in Malaysia. Haha.

Anonymous said...

thank you beautiful.
i apreciate you taking the time to answer my question. you've really help me make up my mind. i can always get my own car later right ;)

cheayee said...

A car is just a car.

We can always make money to buy more cars.

But an experience, once forgone,
we may not be able to find time to do it later in our lives.

Anonymous said...

hmmmm, do i remember u throwing tantrums?

do think i've gone tat far or maybe my memory failed me which has been anyway.


this is jun king, dropping u a msg since im passing bye.


cheayee said...

hei hei!!

how u been?

nah. I dont throw tantrums..

I learnt a lot about resolving conflicts with housemates since my time here.

Great skill any one should develop!

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