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Pow-w0w-ing Till the cows come home...

Today I went grocery shopping with my house mate from India, Avadhut (or Avee) at Clifford's.

Ok, neither me nor he has had breakfast, so we decided to stop over for coffee and cake at Michel's Pattisserie.

A nice steaming mug of cappuccino and a slice of delicious strawberry cheesecake.

(Actually he's right just behind me in YK's room with blardy strawberries stuffed in his mouth and made a face when I told him I was blogging...Ha ha).

We had left our house at about 10.15am.

The cleaner ladies were at home for their bi-yearly spring cleaning of the larder and the kitchen and were muttering something along the lines of "pigstye".

I concur.

Anyway, back to the topic....

It was lovely just having cake and coffee in the middle of the morning on a WEEKDAY and having a nice and lovely pow-wow 2 hour session.

My jaw was jabbering more than it was munching.By the time 1 hour had passed, my cake laid half famished with the rest being poked around with the silver utensil it had come prepared with.

By the time we finished the cake and coffee, it was only 1 hour left for shopping, coz Avee had to attend a lecture in the afternoon.

(He pipes when I am typing halfway saying thank God for a lecture, or else we would have sat there pow-w0w-ing till the cows come home.....Ha ha.)

Anyway, we had a lively discussion on the pyschological states of the living and breathing case studies of select homosapiens within the 100 meter radius of our brick and concrete habitat.

It was most interesting. Since they were individuals with whom I had stayed in a straight succession of 36 hours in intimate proximity and displayed interaction behaviours unlike that of the normal controlled environment in a 4 hour setting.

One of the things that he brought up, and I am reminded of this fact is that, of the defence mechanism of individuals who are living in the real-time mode, ethereal mode, and the sun-revolves-around me suspended time mode.

Finally, we moved our dormant fat bums and went into the supermarket to get our grocery.

By the time we got home, it was about 1pm.

The cleaner lady started muttering something along the lines of "smelly rock onions", "smelly empty garlic bottles", and another that sounded vaguely like "pig stye"... (Apparently the cleaner ladies had washed all our dishes....)

Cleaner: wow, that's a lot of shopping done for 3 hours....
Me: Oh....yeah. Was it?
Cleaner: Well, I was here since 9am..
Me: Oh yeah..we had fun doing girl-ly stuff...Ha ha ha ha.

Much later in the day, Dr.Grace came over. I had bumped into her in the morning at the bus stand, and she came over after stopping over at another mate's unit.

I had another pow-wow.

The topic of Tony, my housemate came up....(nevermind how Tony even became a topic....)

(When making coffee in the kitchen and Tony had gone to get his laundry)...

Grace: Wah, really ah....he talks differently now already.
Me: I also know that la...
Grace: I wonder why ah?
Me: How I know ah?? Go ask him yourself la.

(Later, we spy Tony having toast by himself on the balcony outside his room)

Grace: Wah....didn't know Tony is so "sentimental" one ah?

Me: How I know him ah? Maybe he is lar...!
sial ah. I hungry.
Grace: Hai, you go join him makan toast out on the balcony la. No need him so lonely out there la.
Me: Eh, you
seow ah? What for ah? I don't want to go freeze myself out there la.
Grace: Aiya, I sit there, then become like Lamp post only la.
Me: Lamp post your head la.

Then we decided to watch Taming of the Shrew. Starring Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton. I had borrowed a DvD from the Toowoomba Library the Friday before.

*Boring*. I don't really like her acting. Gorgeous Babe she might be (50 years ago ler..that is!) . But....BADDD actress she is one.

Then later, after Grace had left, for dinner I cooked Pine-Apple Honey Orange Zest Chicken, and Fried Eggs with Potatoes and Carrot.

Avee said the Pine-Apple Honey Orange Zest Chicken gravy was yummy.

Justin said the chicken was tasty......

I looked at Avee. I knew what he was going to say. Then we both started giggling. It was too funny for words!

Actually, there was an interesting theory that was mentioned today. I think I might just put that into test. Who knows if it actually changes things or not!

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