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Love Your Neighbour.

Love Your Neighbour as Thyself.

Forgive one another and bear one another's burdens.

You know, it is easy to look at the speck in the other person's eye than to find the plank in your own eyes.

I was going to write a really scathing entry today, because I was really annoyed with this mate of mine. I thought my ex-beau was a Scrooge, but this particular fella is the ultimate consummate Scrooge I have ever met. Basically a person who does not know how to, if ever, to even manage his own finances. Nor his studies for that matter.

I am still going to write it anyway, but to a lesser degree, Because I am really angry. However, I shall not reveal his name, in the order to protect his privacy.

I know that sometimes the words we use can hurt other people's feelings and emotions.
Which is what my friend has done.

He does not realise that the words he uses reflect poorly on him as a person (or as a friend) and that he hurts himself in the process by doing that and not reflecting on his own behaviour. He neither has apologized, nor does he seems bothered by the repercussions of his own words and behaviour.

I do believe that we reap what we sow. Whatever gifts that God has given us, we will be responsible for it. If we do not take care of the gifts and talents that has been given us, we shall be accountable for it, and it will be taken away.

I know that God has reminded us to forgive others just as He has forgiven us. To love one another and bear each other's burdens.

You are probably wondering why don't I tell this to him?

-Well, first and foremost, he is old enough to think for himself.

-Secondly, I am not responsible for his behaviour, as much as he is a mate of mine.

-Third, a lot of males do not take kindly to nagging females, and they will come up with remarks like "you're not my mother", which a lot of males I know have said to me. It would just exacerbate the situation. Anyhow, it would be better if the nagging came from another male mate of his.

Also, the best way to deal with this behaviour will be to ignore it, and only respond with a positive response if he "does the right thing". Positive Reinforcement, as what educators would call it.

-Fourth, I believe that if he continues with his silly complaints and grumblings, I am sure that God will deal with him as how He has dealt with the Israelites when they left the land of Egypt.

Let this be a reminder to the rest. I will do what I think is right.

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