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"I've grown accustomed to her face"..

The famous line by Henry Higgins to Eliza Dolittle in the famous Rodgers & Hammerstein musical version of the Pygmalion story of My Fair Lady.

Ironic, but true.

I find that there is a tendency for persons who live in the same residential unit to take each other for granted.

We take it for granted that we are free to "be ourselves" and not watch how we act, say or do, because we think that "home" should be the place where everyone accepts you un-conditionally for who you are.

We take it for granted that we will always be able to find time to talk to them, when in reality we do not really seek them out..

We take it for granted that we will always get to know the others who live with us on a more personal and intimate level. But how would we know if that is just their social and public persona, or really their private self?

We take it for granted that we "actually know them because they live with us". Is that even true?

We take it for granted that others actually know that we care for them. But how would they know if we don't really take the time to tell and show them that we do?

I find that it is the people not living with you who are the ones that know you better as a person and on a more intimate level. Because they are not always there "in our face", we consciously seek them out to spend time with because we might feel that we don't spend that much time with them.

Let us watch ourselves that it will not be that we will take each other for granted. To be always conscious of how we behave. talk. say. do. and to always show both courtesy and love to one another.

I find that, as the only female living within the close vicinity of four other males, it is important that I retain that "part" of me. That part of me which is "female".

The reason where, there are times I have to isolate myself from my mates in order to pamper and that find that "inner" self of me which is "female".

The reason where, I have to keep reminding myself and understand that males can be very "insensitive" to how females think at most times, & we bond not through activities, but talking is the "glue" that "holds" females together.

Last, but not least, it is not vain for a female to dress up to go out. Anywhere at all. It is just an inborn and innate trait of every female. Which is why 20 minutes and above for dressing up is the min. and is expected of every female who lives in any house.

There should never be a question of "why do females always take so long to dress up?". What a Silly Question!

God made males and females different for a reason.

There really could be no other way.

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