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Invisible wall.

I push against it.
Time and again,
Yet it does not budge.

In front of me,

I ask myself.

My head is bleeding.
Yet you can't see it,
My heart it is the same.

Why do I do it?
From one to another.
I keep falling.

The wrong holes,
Are such a struggle.
It is such pain.

Help me climb out of it,
That bottomless pit.
That pit of pain and sorrow.

My heart I wish,
it were ripped out.
Emotionless. Heart-less. Happy-less.

I wish I could cry.
But I can't.

I wish I could laugh.
Yet, that is all I do.

I wish you could see me smile.
But my heart does not follow.

I cry in bed.
I cry in my room.
I cry not knowing what to do.

With each word, my tears flow.
Yet I can't show it,
Yet you can't see it.

Each time we meet,
A cheeky grin greets you.
But a knife sits pierced in my heart,
The blood invisible to all.

Terrified that it should crack.
That wall around me.
Can't you see it frightens me?

I pray each night.
That God should break it.
But the hammer he gives me not.

I wish.
I really wish.
I really wish so.

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