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Our Trip to Gold Coast.

At long last, the entry about my trip to Gold Coast!

Two weeks back, I hopped on the bus with some mates from the uni to the Gold Coast.
I had an awesome time, (as Matt would call it!).

Most of the students were in their first semester in Toowoomba. Justin, my house mate who was supposed to come, had to back out as he caught the 'bug'.

Day 1:
The bus was an hour late on its arrival. We were supposed to leave on Friday at 9am, but the bus ended up arriving at 10am. Halfway, the bus brokedown halfway due to a punctured tyre.
It stopped at DreamWorld, where another bus took us to Surfer's Paradise.

I was bunked up in a room with Andrea, Lee-Anne (or Annie, as I called her), and Jiaren.
We had lunch at Hungry Jack's at Surfer's Paradise. We arrived at Tallebudgera about at about 3.30pm.

The bus that was supposed to take us to the Lighthouse at the border of New South Wales did not get fixed till the very next day, so we had our dinner at the BBQ pit provided at Tallebudgera.

That evening, after refreshing ourselves after dinner, we headed over to Surfer's Paradise.It was a *chilly* night.

Gloria-Gloria Jeans!

We warmed ourselves with some coffee at Gloria Jean's.

I'd have thought it would be warmer than Toowoomba, but the windy coast did not allow such things to happen!

Stuck on rubber!

Andrea and I got stuck to the wall of an adult shop!

A funny thing happened at Gold Coast. The first night we took a bus down, the bus driver barely looked at our concession cards. So all of us ended up paying adult prices for the fare.
On our way back, it was the same bus driver, so I showed him my concession card, and he gave us a discounted fare. We were making up some *elaborate* speech in case the driver didn't want to, but he did.

Day 2:

Breakfast was at 7.30-8.30 am the next morning. I thought we were the last to arrive. It turned out that only less than a handful of us turned up for breakfast, including the driver of our uni bus. He overheard our conversation during breakfast, and decided to drop us at Harbour Town.

Harbour Town was ok this round. I didn't buy much stuff except for asian grocery.

On our way back, I showed my concession card to the bus driver (from Harbour Town to Pacific Fair).

Driver: What's the name of the uni?
Me: It's University of *S.Q.*
Driver: Show me your uni card.
Me: Well, alright.
Driver: Where is this? Never heard of it!
Me: It's in Toowoomba....

Jiaren who was right behind me just showed his uni card and got his concession.


*He started laughing*.

Jiaren: At least now one more bus driver has heard of USQ. Thanks to us.
Me: Yeah yeah. Rub it in, will ya? *raising one eye*.

We headed to Pacific Fair, which is one of the biggest malls (which has a normal indoor shopping mall) and outdoor shoplots.

Jiaren found this shop where he wanted to get this *crystal* ball which he could have his face lasered for AUD100.00. He couldn't get it done as it was 5 minutes to closing time and he sulked about it the whole time after that...


On our return home, we had actually decided not to go out after that. BUT, we found that the boy who came to the trip (he was from China, and could barely speak that much English) had been *abandoned* by the so called *friends* or people who had initially bunked with him.

So, the only logical thing we could do was to *adopt* him for the rest of the trip.


Initially, we took the same route *that Justin took me around on* on my first trip to Gold Coast. We may have ended up walking some more, but then decided to hitch a ride back to Surfer's Paradise.

We ended up seeing the same bus driver we had seen the night before! Heh. He seemed so happy to see us!


Chinese dinner at Surfers Paradise

For dinner, we had chinese food at this Chinese restaurant. It was located right beside this Korean restaurant. Anne ordered in mandarin. Apparently, the owner of the restaurant was Malaysian-born himself!

After dinner, we took a walk along Surfer's Paradise...This time, we went down this street which had "strip clubs" along it. We voted not to to go in, as

1) It costs money for the guys to go in.
2) Anne say's it full of crap, and not worth the money in.

Oh well. Maybe next time.

I bought a cappucino from McDonald's and we sat in front of the restaurant and watched the people walked around. Then we headed for a night stroll along the beach.


Hard Rock Cafe, Surfers Paradise @ Gold Coast.

Then we headed home. The driver was as usual, happy to see us! Hehe.

Day 3:
Our last day at Tallebudgera. We were among ten people who had woke up in time to have breakfast.

After breakfast, Jiaren and I had a nice stroll at the beach and played in the water.

Andrea had bought a nice new set of bikini from RipCurl.....but as the song goes..

"it was an itsy bitsy teeny winnie" orange blotchy dot bikini that she wore for the first time today"...

True to its name. We didn't get the opportunity to see any of her curves. YET.

Strong current at the beach on the morning that we left. Good if you want to body surf!

Later, after getting ourselves cleaned and back at the bus for our journey back, the bus took us around to see this laser lighthouse, which was located at the border of New South Wales.

My prior experience with Lighthouses was limited to the ones I have read in Enid Blyton's storybooks... it was a totally new experience to see one which was only made up of a huge structure with laser beams!


The brood from the uni at the lighthouse.

We stopped over for lunch at 12pm at BroadBeach (near Pacific Fair).

Did some shopping at the Sunday flea market. Bought some accessories.
After that, it was a nice quiet trip that ended with sleepy heads on the bus for the rest of the journey.

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